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S.E.S Eugene’s life revealed in ‘My Ugly Duckling’


S.E.S’s Eugene talked about his husband, Ki Tae Young, on the latest episode of My Ugly Duckling.

The idol who turned into an actress is currently gearing up to star in the upcoming SBS drama Penthouse. Eugene made a guest appearance as a special MC on the SBS variety show, My Ugly Duckling, for its October 18 episode.

Resemblance check

At the beginning of the episode, the hosts brought up the fact that her daughters are already six years old and three years old. The hosts added a question for the actress if her daughters resemble her.

Eugene replied that she thinks her daughters look like her, but they look more like their father. As for their personalities, her second daughter resembles her more physically and personality-wise.

Father got the first daughter

Shin Dong Yup commented that her first daughter is smart. She speaks so well with her age, and the way she thinks is admirable. Shin Dong Yup asked her if she got that from, and Eugene humbly replied that it came from her father.

She realized after living with Ki Tae Young for many years that his husband is a smart person.

Later in the conversation, the interview became more personal, where the hosts mentioned that Eugene and her husband felt comfortable passing gas in front of one another. Eugene can not even remember when did it start to happen.

Eugene exclaimed that the said thing is normal to a married couple, but she thinks they were already doing it when they were still dating.

As for her, it is not an awkward thing. It so happened that it came naturally after they became close to each other.

From the perspective of Eugene, she knew for sure that she is the one who started it. Ki Tae Young is more careful regarding that thing.

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