‘Salt and Sanctuary’ sequel reveals new gameplay footage

Upcoming title Salt and Sanctuary has just received brand new gameplay footage for those waiting for the sequel.

Salt and Sanctuary will be the second installment to its 2016’s Soulslike original predecessor. Recently the second entry revealed a ten-minute gameplay video.

‘Salt and Sanctuary’ gameplay early details

Developer Ska Studios posted new gameplay footage, which is ten minutes in duration. And it’s an in-game clip that is currently still in development.

The gameplay shows armored warriors sliding, smashing, and wall-jumping as well. The setting involves spooky, ghostly warriors and giant glowing wizards. During the clip, they also throw fire.

Salt and Sanctuary was initially announced just earlier this month during the Summer Game Fest.

In the sequel, players will find themselves in a 2D, side-scrolling environment. You can choose one of these eight classes: Highblade, Paladin, Assassin, Cleric, Dualist, Fighter, Ranger, or Sage.

However, the latest gameplay clip doesn’t give any look at the new skill tree.

Salt and Sanctuary will support single-player and drop-in. Along with that, it will also include drop-out multiplayer and multiplayer factions. The latter will feature co-op-based Dawnlight Order and player-killing Shroud Alliance.

When it comes to the original installment featured 600 items that players could choose from. However, few weapon categories had unique movesets, including air attacks.

Players also had the option of wielding two weapons for additional power and shields to defend.

The game had RPG concepts like origins, classes, and stat development. And of course, there was a skill tree as well, providing tons of combinations.

More new video games in 2021

Meanwhile, die-hard gamers are currently looking forward to many new titles scheduled to arrive in the second half of 2021.

When it comes to the most-awaited and potential blockbusters, there will be names likes Halo Infinite and Deathloop.

A new Call of Duty entry, Horizon Forbidden West, Battlefield 2042, Stray, Humankind, and New World are also on the list.

The colossal line-up extends even further with the likes of Psychonauts 2, Dying Light 2, No More Heroes 3, and The Ascent.

Shadow Warrior 3, Cyber Shadow, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Scarlet Nexus, and Back 4 Blood are other crucial launches.

Several recently announced ambitious projects debuting later this year are Glitchpunk, Etched Memories, and The Day Before.

Coming onto Salt and Sanctuary, again, it’s expected to release early in 2022 for PC.

What do you think about all the major games making their way into this calendar? Are you excited about them?

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Image courtesy of FightinCowboy/YouTube

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