Samira is joining ‘League of Legends’ roster on September 16

League of Legends' upcoming champion, Samira

A new hero is set to add to League of Legends’ existing list of warriors as the eye-patched, sword-wielding, gunslinger Samira makes her debut on September 16, 2020.

Upon her arrival, Samira will be the 151st hero to become playable in LoL’s expanding list of champions. This playable character is also known for her alias as the Desert Rose.

Devil Hunter-inspired

Drawing inspiration from Dante of Devil May Cry series, Samira wields both a sword and a pair of guns. A set of arsenals that equip this female warrior a unique set of skills. They include the Flair, Daredevil Impulse, Wild Rush, Blade Whirl, and Inferno Trigger.

May be similarly with Dante might seem coincidental, but it is not. Another likeness comes with the “style meter” via the passive skill Daredevil Impulse that grants Samira increased stats per grade increase. Particularly, an enhancement on movement speed and attack damage in both sword and guns, including magic.

Style grade starts from the letter “E” up until “S,” the latter of which grants her an aura to symbolize the highest style ranking. Furthermore, attaining the S ranking in style paves way to the Inferno Trigger which unleashes a barrage of bullets against an opponent throughout its duration. Like the mechanics seen in the Devil May Cry, the condition for raising style rank demands the combination of non-repeating attacks.

Other Skills

Flair is either Samira using her guns or her sword for a direct attack, depending on the range. An enemy beyond the reach of melee will see Flair as Samira shooting her two guns directly. Those within melee range, however, should see themselves slashed with her sword.

Blade Whirl is another interesting skill in that it can be offensive or defensive, depending on the situation. Offensively, the skill attacks surrounding enemies with melee twice. Defensively, the skill sees Samira offsetting any incoming missile attack, if timed properly.

Wild Rush is an attack that deals magic damage to an opponent by dashing through it, followed by an attack. Any successful hit with the skill grants Samira a temporary speed boost. Alternatively, any hero taken down by Wild Rush grants the advantage of resetting the skill’s cooldown in order to be mustered again.

Samira will become playable in League of Legends once update 10.19 rolls out on September 16, 2020.

Image used courtesy of SkinSpotlights/YouTube Screenshot

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