Samsung allegedly plans to drop in-box chargers too

Samsung allegedly plans to drop in-box chargers too

Samsung is allegedly planning to do away with the in-box charger with some smartphone models moving forward.

Samsung is set to unveil its latest and greatest smartphones ever on August 5. They are set to release the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 lineup, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and Galaxy Fold Z 5G. All these smartphones will be the company’s most premium line up. Despite the pandemic, the company is rumored to have even increased the prices on these phones.

Nonetheless, the excitement around the new phones is still high. Samsung followers expect the new phones to fix the company’s past mistakes with the S20 Ultra and the first-ever Galaxy Fold. However, one rumor may dampen the mood of Unpacked 2020.

Samsung may remove in-box chargers too

One Korean rumor reveals that the company may do away with in-box chargers for some smartphone models moving forward. This rumor is aligned with the alleged strategy of Apple. No other details were shared about the possible move.

However, the strategy may have been brought about by cost-cutting. The general tone of these rumors points to the fact of rising prices of internal components. The future of smartphone technology is 5G, but the components that come with it aren’t cheap.

As such, some cost-shaving must be done somewhere. Unfortunately, the lowly chargers are the point of focus to achieve this goal. The consensus between Samsung and Apple is that charger technology generally stays the same for years. As a result, new chargers that come with new phones are left inside the box, and more e-waste is produced.

Samsung allegedly plans to drop in-box chargers too



How will the consumers perceive this strategy?

The reception for removing in-box chargers will be faced with terrible criticisms. It will be similar to the reaction of smartphone users when the 3.5mm headphone jack was removed. However, users will soon realize the huge environmental impact of removing in-box chargers when they ship.

In addition, wireless charging technology is developing further. Its application is also making its way to cheaper mid-range phones. As such, new charging pads or cables may be needed eventually.

Be that as it may, users will have to adapt to possibly a new reality. They will also have to prepare to dole out extra money to get the chargers that they prefer. Fortunately, there are cheap third party chargers available in the market. Users do not necessarily have to buy a charger similar to the brand of their smartphones.

Image from Daniel Romero/ Unsplash and Nick Dietrich/ Unsplash

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