Samsung confirms revolutionary new camera sensor

In a press release, Samsung confirms that a new camera sensor will be coming to its flagship smartphone devices.

After several months of speculations and leaks, Samsung finally confirms the camera sensor’s specs and features. The South Korean tech giant issued a press release confirming some of the most talked-about rumors in the tech community.

The company also addresses some of the known issues of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. On top of that, several fixes, new features, and interesting hardware are also coming with the new Galaxy phone.

Revolutionary new camera sensor

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit of information from Samsung is its radical new camera sensor. The tech giant promises that the new sensor will fix all underlying issues about the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The company simply calls it ISOCELL GN1.

The company claims that the new ISOCELL GN1 camera sensor will provide faster auto-focusing feature and brighter images. On top of that, the sensor has a high-resolution mode capable of snapping a 100-megapixel-equivalent photo.

The new ISOCELL GN1 has a number of interesting new features as well. Among which are 8K video capability, Smart-ISO, electronic image stabilizer, and real-time HDR. The sensor also has a new 50-megapixel component.

It appears that Samsung is aiming for a direct hit at Sony’s IMX700 sensor. Sony’s camera sensor can be found on a number of best-selling Huawei flagship smartphones.

The interesting part of this development is Samsung’s effort not to repeat the focusing issues of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Following its release, critics and users alike complain that the S20 Ultra’s auto-focus feature is not good. There are instances when the feature does not focus on the intended subject and sometimes takes too long.

When will it be ready

Samsung did not confirm when the new camera sensor will be ready. Most importantly, what Galaxy phone models will have the new sensor.

Considering the current timeline, the ISOCELL GN1 arrives quite a bit late for it to be included in the upcoming Note 20+ model. Rumor around the community claims the Note 20+ will still use the current generation ISOCELL HM1 sensor.

However, rumors claim that since the sensor is already out, it might be added to some upcoming Galaxy devices. Despite the coronavirus pandemic obliterating timelines, many expect the tech giant to release a handful of new devices this year.

Samsung remains quite about the official release of its new sensor. However, many believe that it should be within the foreseeable future.

Image courtesy of Roman Arbuzov/Shutterstock

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