Samsung Bitcoin

The prospect of tech giant Samsung releasing a cryptocurrency wallet with its new Samsung Galaxy S10 has led to enormous excitement, but will it actually happen?

The “exclusive” news first emerged on news website Sammobile, which said “we can confirm that the company is indeed developing one and that it may be launched with the Galaxy S10.”

“Samsung’s cryptocurrency service will essentially have two parts,” the wesbite said.

“A cold wallet for saving cryptocurrency, public and private keys as well as signing private keys for cryptocurrency transactions and a crypto wallet for transfers, viewing account information and transaction history.

“Names for Samsung’s cold wallet and crypto wallet have not yet been finalised.”

Is it true?

Well, it may be true, but Micky has been unable to find any proof, and blockchain news website Cointelegraph says Samsung has dismissed the reports as “rumour and speculation.”

“(The) suggestion was swiftly refuted by Samsung in private correspondence with Cointelegraph,” the website said.

It quoted Samsung as saying:

“Unfortunately we are unable to provide any information as the below is rumour and speculation.”

There are, however, three E.U. trademark requests appear on the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) website.

They are titled ‘Blockchain KeyStore,’ ‘Blockchain KeyBox’ and ‘Blockchain Core.’

Samsung Crypto Wallet
A screen shot from the EUIPO website, showing the application for the “Blockchain KeyStore” trade mark.

So is it fact or fiction that Samsung is developing cryptocurrency wallets for its news phone? Well we don’t know…

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be released on February 24, 2019. It may remain a secret until then. M

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