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Samsung Display is mass-producing 90Hz OLED display laptops starting March


Samsung Display will bring a mass production of 90Hz OLED display laptops in the market.

Samsung is a South Korean company which is famous for developing various electronic gadgets.

Last year, Samsung introduced many other laptops that were new to the market. The company was able to produce laptops ranging from reasonable price to sophisticated usage sort of laptops.

Samsung has been showing a wide range of authenticity in its laptops.

The latest model introduced by Samsung is Notebook 9 Pro. The mass production of such a laptop is necessary for the present scenario.

As the work from home phase during COVID has taken a different dimension, people rely much on laptops than office cubicles. Teaching and recreation are all being supported on the laptops.

Specification related to 90 Hz OLED Display Samsung laptops:

Thus, the 90Hz OLED display laptops will prove beneficial for Samsung. CEO Choi Joo-sun gave a report mentioning the production of laptops this year.

By the advent of March, the company will start the production of 90Hz OLED display laptops.

This step taken by the company is playing a significant role in the market nowadays. Looking over such a decision taken by Samsung, many companies will start such a policy. It will give rise to the options for the customers to buy laptops.

Talking about the specifications of the laptop, the panel size of the computer will be 14 inches. There is no official announcement on the specs related to the aspect ratio or resolution.

But there is still a possibility that various versions of the model will come into the market. Samsung is praising the faster response of OLED display.

They are claiming that the OLED display will show a quicker response than any other display options.

What could be its prospect?

In the faster movement of the display screen, blurring of the screen will be practically the same as that of 120 Hz LCD. This report mentioned no potential laptops OEM partners.

OLED display might sound like something new in the laptop field, but it is not that uncommon.

Many gaming laptops provide OLED display options. The only tradeoff related to this option is to give up the higher refresh rates.

Last year, Samsung itself launched its first laptop in the field of OLED display laptops.

Samsung launched Galaxy Chromebook, which was equipped with an OLED display. 2021 follow-up will use a sustainable version of the QLED branded LCD version.

Image courtesy of Samsung U.S. Newsroom/YouTube Screenshot

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