Samsung forces Galaxy Note 20 flagship despite global recession

Samsung continues to go all in on Galaxy Note 20 specs despite global recession

The Galaxy Note 20 will reportedly have a 4,170mAh battery bigger than the battery pack of the Samsung Galaxy S20.

The Covid-19 pandemic is still wreaking havoc despite mellowing down on its onslaught in several parts of the world. Now, people are finding means and ways to return to their lives prior to the pandemic. The reality that the world faces is completely uncharted territory for many, and the first factor hit by reality is people’s finances.

As an answer to the recession forecasts, several smartphone companies have decided to slash their prices down or maintain their pre-COVID 19 pricing. Apple will reportedly keep the price of the upcoming iPhone 12 similar to the iPhone 11 price. Google’s Pixel 4a will reportedly sell at a discount of AU$75 even before shipping.

Samsung seems adamant to keep its premium line at an extremely premium price without budging.

Galaxy Note 20 top-of-the-line specs

What made experts speculate regarding the Galaxy Note 20’s price is its leaked huge battery pack. According to several leaks, the Galaxy Note 20 will ship with 4,170mAh battery capacity but will be marketed as a 4,300mAh battery pack. This leak looks promising as a two-day phone battery is still an untouched territory for several smartphones in the market.

The Galaxy Note 20’s battery pack dwarfs the leaked battery life of both the iPhone 12 and the Google Pixel 5. It remains to be seen how the huge battery pack will be accepted by the market. Sure it seems promising to have a longer-lasting smartphone throughout the day, but the price point is a major concern right now.

A bigger battery means that the Galaxy Note 20 will ship at a higher price point compared to its predecessor. It might even ship at a higher price point than the Galaxy S20 series.

Galaxy Note 20, Note 20+ and Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung will unveil three new phones in its Unpacked event later this year. All three phones belong to the ultra-premium smartphone line of the Korean company. All three phones will also reportedly share Samsung’s proprietary S Pen, which promises to make the Galaxy Fold 2’s tablet mode more productive.

There will be no Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra unlike the Galaxy S20 series. Samsung seems to be learning their lesson the hard way in terms of gimmick as the 100x Space Zoom feature of S20 Ultra is failing several users. As such, the Galaxy Note 20+ won’t have the same 100x zoom feature.

All three phones will have the latest Snapdragon 865 chipset, and powerful RAMs reportedly starting at 8GB and expandable internal memory of 256GB and up.

Image courtesy of Zana Latif/ Unsplash

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