Samsung Galaxy A42 5G: the cheapest 5G device yet

5G connectivity is getting cheaper nowadays. This time, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G to make 5G more accessible.

The majority of 5G enabled smartphones are still expensive to this day. However, Samsung has announced that the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G will be the “most affordable 5G device yet.”

Samsung withheld the other details. According to the company, the full specifications will be revealed near the launch date.

What do we know so far

Samsung is mum when it comes to the price of the device. However, the Korean tech giant disclosed some information to tease potential users.

This smartphone will have a 6.6-inch super AMOLED display. The resolution is not yet known. But, based on the intended price point, it might have an HD+ display.

The Galaxy A-series have a teardrop notch on its display. It may be carried over to the Galaxy A42. An under-screen fingerprint scanner may also be featured.

Official images released reveal a quad-camera setup on the back. But there are no specifications on what sensors are used. However, at this price point, the main camera, ultrawide, macro, and depth sensor may be the setup.

The Galaxy A51 5G was recently announced as well. Following Samsung’s naming scheme, the Galaxy A42 5G will be priced lower. Thus, it is expected that all other details will be below it as well.

Despite the speculated entry-level specs, the upcoming device is a great way to have a 5G-enabled device. Users who are looking for a powerhouse smartphone might be better off with a different unit.

However, the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G would be one of its kind when it launches. It may have budget-level specifications. But it packs a punch when it comes to connectivity.

Featured image used courtesy of Valeriya Zankovych/Shutterstock

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