Samsung Galaxy A51 named as the top-selling Android smartphone in Q1 2020

The revamped Galaxy A51 captured 2.3 percent of the global market share. Meanwhile, the vanilla Redmi 8 trails behind.

The Galaxy A51 was heralded as the world’s highest-selling Android smartphone in the first quarter of 2020.

Europe and Asia stan the Galaxy A51

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s popular refresh of its 2019 Galaxy A50 is said to have shipped 6 million units during Q1 2020. The impressive output made up 2.3 percent of all Androids, which were sold globally during the said period. The phone’s key markets were in Europe and Asia.

Marching behind the Galaxy A51 is Redmi’s latest budget-friendly offering, the Redmi 8. The phone outpaces all its rivals in its class, with a commanding 1.9 percent of the total market share. While Samsung’s entry was noted in the European and Asian markets, Redmi’s iteration performed strongly in India and China. Currently, the phone is gaining traction in Europe as well.

A silver lining

Part of the considerable traction the Redmi 8 has generated from the international mobile market share is caused largely by the current pandemic. Combined with money worries and reduced subsidies from carriers, more people now look for more affordable smartphones instead.

The only premium smartphone

Another takeaway from the Strategy Analytics’ recent findings is the placement of the Samsung Galaxy S20+. Settling on the third spot with a 1.7 percent share, the phone is the only flagship smartphone in the compilation.

It is also interesting to note that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which was thought to be selling better than previously predicted, didn’t get placed on the list. Also, the smaller and more inexpensive version, the Galaxy S20, isn’t on the ranking on as well.

Note, as well, that the Galaxy S20 is almost similar to the Galaxy S20+ in terms of hardware specifications. Alas, its non-placement on the list should be a mystery that might never be solved.

Samsung and Redmi are winning

Samsung continued its dominance on the list with its entries, Galaxy A10s and the Galaxy A20s. As part of the company’s efforts to ramp up its entry-level offerings in the market, the individual spots these two phones settled on are a testament that the Korean smartphone giant’s new strategies are on point.

Like Samsung, Xiaomi’s sub-brand is also a noted force on the ranking. For instance, the Redmi Note 8 places itself in the fifth place, with a 1.6 percent total market share. The mid-range phone is famed for its more premium features, alongside its familiar, attractive price.

Image used courtesy of Lukmanazis/Shutterstock

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