Samsung Galaxy Book S boasts of battery maintenance and extreme connectivity

Samsung Galaxy Book S offers unparalleled battery maintenance and extreme connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy Book S was announced by the company last May 29. It is the first laptop that offers Intel’s Core processor and Hybrid technology.

Last year, Samsung released the Galaxy Book S with a Snapdragon processor rather than the usual Intel processor. For what it’s worth, the laptop was average at best. The processing time for some applications were slow, and the overall performance wasn’t great.

The best selling factor of the Galaxy Book S with the Snapdragon processor was its epic battery life. Some tests showed that the laptop can loop 1080p videos up to 17hrs straight. The Galaxy Book S also provided built-in flexibility when it came to 4G connections and instant booting up.

Last week, Samsung just re-released the Galaxy Book S, but this time with an Intel processor.

Intel Core processor with Intel Hybrid Technology

Samsung this year decided to place an Intel processor on the Galaxy Book S. The Intel processor isn’t the usual chip found on other devices. Instead, the Samsung Galaxy Book S features the latest Intel Core processor with Intel Hybrid Technology.

What this basically means is Samsung was able to put in place a processor that offers features closely similar to the Snapdragon SoC. The laptop still offers a long battery life at a 17hr running time according to the press release. It also still offers the instant touch-to-wake feature that the Snapdragon-powered Samsung Galaxy Book S offered.

Samsung Galaxy Book S 2020 specs

Samsung’s newest re-released laptop is still positioned for the market that is on-the-go. It’s a good laptop that can provide enough power for the regular browsing of the internet or emails. It currently stands at a feather lightweight of just 950 grams. Its thickest point measures just at an 11.5mm height.

The Samsung Galaxy Book S offers flexibility when it comes to connectivity coming in with the latest Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and LTE (CAT16) connections. The ports leave more to be desired because the Galaxy Book S only ships with two USB-C ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Multi-device experience

Users nowadays desire for a seamless connection between and among their devices. The Galaxy Book S offers this feature in a unique way that no other company has provided. Samsung worked closely with Microsoft for a superior device-to-device experience. Now, Microsoft’s Your Phone feature can allow users to sync contents between their Android phones and Galaxy Book S.

Users can receive notifications, messages, and photos from their devices. Not only that, but users can also do cross-device copy and pasting for better productivity.

Image courtesy of Samsung/ Youtube Screenshot

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