Samsung Galaxy Buds+: Listening to music with style

No wonder why many people use the Samsung Galaxy Buds+. It looks sleek, smooth, trendy, and not to mention its high sound quality. What the earbuds need is to have different colors to fit anyone’s style.

On that note, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ would have a new rad blue color. Not the normal type of blue, but Aura Blue. The earbuds already have blue in their color palette, but this one is different. It’s sleeker, shinier, and cooler. It even uses the color pink in one of its iterations. But, aside from this cool façade, what do people like about the earbuds?


Deemed as an improved version of the Samsung Galaxy Buds, the + version delivered the goods. It has excellent battery life, can do wireless charging, and superb mic quality. All these improved the specifications of its predecessor. The earbuds have more things in store, but these three are enough reasons for purchasing.

For people who listen to music while on-the-go, it integrated Spotify into its system. With its long battery life, one can listen to it even in prolonged flights. A lot of people attested that with the specifications that it has, it’s worth the asking price.

Of course, not only music lovers would appreciate the Samsung Galaxy Buds+. Gamers would like it too. Through Bluetooth 5.0 technology, smartphone gamers would love the crisp sounds. Also, even though it’s made for Android, iPhone users can listen to AAC-type tracks using these earbuds. It’s also water-resistant and can last until 12 hours of steady use on a full charge.

The earbuds look like its predecessor on the outside. But, all changes happened on the inside. The results astonished previous users of the Samsung Galaxy Buds. It’s lightweight because of its housing. It’s made of plastic, which also made it affordable and comfortable to use. What makes it different from the previous one is the dual-driver system. It produces a clearer sound than the Galaxy Buds.

Using the earbuds

For easy pairing, the Samsung device must have Android 7.1.1 and SmartThings installed in it. If not, the standard Bluetooth pairing method would suffice. Using a Bluetooth 5.0 connection would allow people to use the earbuds up to 10 meters. Its pre-installed codecs ensure a smooth listening experience without the lag. It pairs with desktop or laptops with Bluetooth connections as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is a great listening tool. One can go jogging or work while listening to their favorite music. All in all, it’s an excellent earbud for the money.


Images courtesy of BikerKarl2018/Visual Hunt, Chris Yarzab/VisualHunt


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