Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has an unorthodox position for its inner camera


Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will, allegedly, have an unusual position for the inner display camera on the right panel of the phone.

The talk of the town right now is the announcement of the news during WWDC 2020. However, the thunder might be quickly stolen from Apple with the possible August online Unpacked event. Here, Samsung will unveil a massive phone lineup that will surely catch the attention of everyone.

Samsung still hasn’t announced the official date of the Unpacked event. Nonetheless, Samsung enthusiasts are eagerly following for the saving grace of the botched Samsung Galaxy Fold phone last year.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 inner display

Ice Universe on Twitter showed a render of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2’s inner display. Initially, the unfolded phone looks like any other small tablet in the market. However, unlike those cameras on those tablets, the hole-punch camera setup on the alleged Galaxy Fold 2 looks a bit odd.

The inner camera is not in the middle of the screen. It is neither on the top left or the top right corner of the unfolded screen. Meanwhile, the first Galaxy Fold had a huge notch on the top right corner of the expanded screen. It housed the dual front-facing cameras and the depth sensor.

The render shows that the Galaxy Fold 2 will only have one inner camera. As such, the alleged leak of the soon-to-be-released phone must be taken with a grain of salt. It would be unusual for a company to scrimp down a camera setup considering the price point of this premium flagship phone.

Galaxy Fold 2 rumored specs

Rumors abound regarding the technical spec sheet of the Galaxy Fold 2. As such, similar to the rendered image of the inner display, the following still has to be confirmed by Samsung during its event.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will most likely have the Snapdragon 865+ SoC as its main processor. For a premium phone such as this one, cutting corners on the main driver will not be acceptable for many. Also, the processor will make the phone 5G ready when it hits the shelves.

The camera system will reportedly be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s set up. However, it is still not yet confirmed whether or not the Space Zoom will find its way to the Galaxy Fold 2. Since the Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to launch with the Galaxy Note 20 lineup, the former premium phone is also expected to have a built-in SPen support.

Image from ThomasDeco/Shutterstock

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