Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 reportedly on track for an August release

Samsung finally confirms the Galaxy Note 20 and Fold 2

Apparently, nothing is stopping Samsung from releasing the Galaxy Fold 2 on schedule. Not even the COVID-19 pandemic.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has halted the production of smartphones all around the globe. And while a great number of devices scheduled for release were pushed back, Samsung is working hard to release its new Galaxy Fold 2 on time. 

The first Galaxy Fold had been met with mixed reactions from consumers and critics alike. While the device was praised for its folding technology, many did not like its weight of 269 grams (9.5 ounces) or the size of its 4.6-inch front display and the 7.3-inch unfolded display. In other words, it was too small and too heavy. 

While the foldable Galaxy Z Flip had been more critically successful, one can’t help but anticipate how Samsung will address the issues that plagued the first Galaxy Fold model.

Mass production is set to begin

After the release of the Galaxy Z Flip earlier this year, industry insiders claim that the Galaxy Fold 2 is set to follow suit in the coming months. Now, there are rumors circulating online claiming that Samsung is gearing up for a mass production beginning June and that it is on track for an August release. 

If all goes well and this rumor proves to be true, here is what people could expect from the Galaxy Fold 2.

Larger but lighter

The Galaxy Fold 2 will supposedly feature a larger unfolded screen with eight inches in all corners. With this, it will finally be at least 0.1 cm larger than the iPad mini. Despite the increase in size, it will also be 1.5 ounces lighter, and with a weight of 229 grams, it will definitely be lighter than the first Galaxy Fold model. 

Colors and design

An industry insider claims that the Galaxy Fold 2 will feature the colors that were supposed to be used in the first model: Martian Green and Astro Blue. What’s more, is that the colors could vary depending on the region where it will be released.

As for the design of the Galaxy Fold 2, Samsung may just follow the first model’s design apart from the size and weight changes. The reason for this is that the Galaxy Z Flip already offers consumers a different fold design. 

No S-pen

Earlier reports claim that Samsung would finally be integrating the S-pen on the Galaxy Fold 2. However, recent claims indicate that such rumors were false. Since Samsung is aiming for a lighter but bigger model, there would be no room left for the S-pen. 

The Galaxy Fold 2 will be using the same manufacturing lines as the first model in order to help Samsung yield more units. 


Images courtesy of Samsung and Unsplash/Mike Baumeister

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