Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 starts mass production in time for August launch

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 starts mass production in time for August launch

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is the most awaited foldable phone of the year. It has reportedly entered mass production, and will most likely be released in August.

Samsung has its fair share of new smartphone release flops. Unfortunately, they fell facedown last year when their most premium phone, Samsung Galaxy Fold, was bashed left and right. Users complained about the phone having a visible fold mark on the screen.

Some users were not warned enough that the inner display didn’t come with a removable protective film. Due to this fact, several users went on to rip out the protective film screen intended to enhance the inner display brightness.

Samsung wants to correct all these mistakes and start anew with the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Come August, both fans and those that were disappointed with last year’s version will be treated with a new and improved Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

Mass production of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

According to several reports, Samsung has already started the mass production of the Galaxy Fold successor. If all preparations go according to plan, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be able to ship alongside the expected Galaxy Note 20 in August.

Both phones shall be announced in the same online event. Although not yet confirmed, Samsung will reportedly opt for a completely online launch of their phones. The Center for Disease Control still hasn’t updated the protocols for mass gatherings in line with recent events in the United States.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 starts mass production in time for August launch

Samsung reportedly wants the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to do dramatically better than its predecessor. They expect the sales to hit up to 2.5 to three million units globally.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 specs

Rumors and leaks surrounding the Galaxy Fold 2 have been few and far between. Nevertheless, there are obvious changes that fans can expect from the ultra-premium smartphone.

First, the inside display will be significantly more durable than the previous model’s. It will most definitely use the Ultra-thin display that Samsung used on the Galaxy Fold Z. Users can also expect that the Galaxy Fold 2 will have at the very least a 90Hz screen refresh rate on both inner and outer screens on the phone. The inner display may go even up to a standard 120Hz screen given the dual-battery system on the phone.

The Galaxy Fold 2 will borrow the S Pen support that its Galaxy Note 20 brother will have. The new stylus support means that the tablet mode of the Galaxy Fold 2 will provide a better productivity experience for the user. It also means that the S Pen will be able to remotely control special features of the Galaxy Fold 2.

Image courtesy of Samsung/ Youtube


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