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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus Geekbench results leaked


A Geekbench result has been linked to the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus. The results are, reportedly, astounding, surpassing Samsung’s top smartphone to date.

Recent reports claim that a Geekbench result from a certain codename “SM-N986U” belongs to Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus.

The logic behind the assumption that the codename belongs to Galaxy Note 20 Plus is, accordingly, based on the model number of its predecessor, Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, which is SM – N976U.

Therefore, it is highly likely that SM – N986U is the Galaxy Note 20 Plus’ model number.

Analyzing the Geekbench result

Based on the result, basically is that the phone is running on an Android 10 operating system and the motherboard or processor is indicated as “Kona.”

Now, “Kona” is, reportedly, an internal codename given to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 chipset series.

Smartphone information leaker, tagged as Ice Universe on Twitter, indicated that the Snapdragon 865 core frequency is only at 2.84GHz. However, the analysis from the SM – N986U Geekbench result that the frequency could read as high as 3.09GHz.

In this case, this would leave everyone to speculate that Galaxy Note 20 Plus will run with a Snapdragon 865+.

Making it one of the most powerful Android devices to date, outperforming Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 20 Plus

As of now, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is the most powerful device among all the Samsung handset lineup. It can also outperform other rival Android devices.

In Single-Core, the S20 Ultra Geekbench result was 809, while the Multi-Core scored a whopping 2699.

However, with this current Geekbench result that we have for a supposed new Samsung device, it looks like it’ll surpass S20 Ultra by a whole lot.

For SM – N986U, which is allegedly the Galaxy Note 20 Plus, the Single-Core score is 985. Meanwhile, the Multi-Core result is 3220.  The gap difference between the scores of the two Samsung devices is huge.

It should be noted that following the rank of S20 Ultra is Galaxy S10 5G, which only has a score of 764 for Single-Core, and 2152 for Multi-Core.

This only means that Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus is expected to be a high performing device above all other Android handsets.

Should it be confirmed that this Geekbench result is, indeed, for the said Galaxy Note lineup, it is definitely a gamechanger. Most especially if it carries with it a powerful Snapdragon 865+ chipset.

Cannot outperform Apple’s A14

BGR reports that Galaxy Note 20 Plus can outperform all other Android devices but will fail against Apple’s rumored A14 chip processor.

The supposed Geekbench result for Apple’s A14 check-in at 1658 for Single-Core, and 4612 for Multi-Core.

The A14 processor is, reportedly, to be used for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12. News about the new Apple flagship is still unclear due to its production issue.

Images courtesy of Aaron Yoo/Flickr, TGSpot/Creative Commons

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