Samsung Galaxy Note 20 production slows down as sales let down

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 production slows down as sales let down

Samsung reportedly scales down the production of the Galaxy Note 20 as the sales of the flagship phone disappoint.

Samsung, unlike Apple, is a brand that caters to users of all kinds. It literally has phones in every user segment across the world. Its most premium phones cater to only the richest of the rich with ultra-flagship features. Its lower-end phones, on the other hand, make smartphones reachable to the masses.

Samsung is known to splice its product offerings, even further segments. It started the practice with the Galaxy S series and further continued it with the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Z series.

Unfortunately, this strategy is good only for some product lines, but most definitely not the Galaxy Note lineup.

Galaxy Note 20 sales disappoint

According to The Elec, Samsung reportedly scaled back the production of the Galaxy Note 20 phones. The simple reason for the decreased number is the poor sales turnout of the phone. It even reportedly performs even poorer than its more premium sister, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as customers in the premium category are precisely there because they can afford the most premium phones. As such, the Galaxy Note 20 is in an awkward position of technically being a flagship but doesn’t offer the best of the best.

According to the same report, Samsung was supposed to produce 900,000 units of the Galaxy Note 20. As is turned out, the company dramatically decreased the number by up to 30% or roughly just 600,000 phones.

As for the market reception, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra sells at a ratio of 2 to 1 as compared to the Galaxy Note 20. In other words, the latter is really getting destroyed by the numbers out in the market. As a result, the profit returns of the company even became better because of the turnout.

Galaxy S21 to salvage the poor performances of 2020

Samsung wants to hit the ground running at the turn of the year. 2020 has been a mixed bag of good and bad for it. On one hand, it was able to successfully launch its full line of mid-range and premium phones without a hiccup. On the other, the sales returns of some of its phones have room to improve on.

As such, Samsung will allegedly release the Samsung Galaxy S21 during the first half of the first quarter. In other words, those that bought the Galaxy S20 last February will have an older phone despite having the phone for less than one year.


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