Samsung Galaxy Note 20’s biggest feature is OS Updates

At an online unpacked event for Samsung, the company revealed an update for up to three generations. This is aside from the excellent Galaxy Note 20.

Have you seen Samsung’s online unpacked event? I know some of the Korean fans were thrilled with the performance of BTS, and we are too! And the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are both superb! But what caught our attention most was the announcement of the company towards the curtain call of the event.

Aside from BTS (which leaves us in awe), there was a singular announcement that most Samsung phone enthusiasts are starting to talk about. According to, when the phone maker revealed the prices and availability of the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, one slide that caught their attention was the OS that is up to 3 generations.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20's biggest feature is OS Updates

What is ‘OS up to 3 generations’?

Other tech-savvy suggest that it could be Android 10, 11, or 12. Some suggest it might be another series of phones for the Galaxy Note. This is one clear thing; we can expect better phone enhancement from Korean tech companies.

3 Generations of Operating System

Some reports suggest that the 3 generations pertain to Android OS that could be up to Android 13. Reports suggest that this is part of getting head to head with Google’s Pixel phones offering the same level of software.

This development made by Samsung is such a massive deal given that Apple OS offers 5-6 years of security and updates for their OS. With these three generations, we can safely assume that they are working on leveraging its phones with Google’s Pixel.

We can’t deny that Samsung is working tirelessly to put tons of features and changes in their UI ahead of Google, and for that, we should thank the Korean tech giant for this massive effort.

Samsung’s security patches are way too far from its competitors. Usually, they are fast in delivering it to their mid-range phones and their flagship phones. Android 11 will release its more stable version of Android 11 this September, while Samsung is yet to release its version.

What do they mean by generation? Is it for Galaxy Note 20 only?

Some reports have also suggested that the term ‘generation’ is used to replace ambiguity. Samsung believes that if they are used for years, it could result in confusion and disappointment from its users.

They also acknowledged that updates could not take place in a year, and they don’t want their users to have this question in mind as to whether they will be able to receive updates or not.

Longer OS support also applies to the Galaxy Note 10, which is interesting to know.

Image used courtesy of Tim Schofield/YouTube Screenshot

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