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Samsung Galaxy Note 21 FE may be the last stand


Samsung will allegedly release the last installment on its Galaxy Note series with the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 FE sometime in 2021.

In 2011, Samsung shook the smartphone industry when it opened the phablet category with the first Samsung Galaxy Note. As mobile phones went for a more compact form factor, Samsung cashed-in on the big screen phone. It even threw in the first-ever S Pen, which took inspiration from older pocket digital organizers.

The Galaxy Note phone immediately carved out a segment in the market where people wanted to see more from their phones. Naturally, other phone makers jumped in on the big screen train.

Fast forward ten years after, the Galaxy Note series is finding itself in a tough spot finding relevance in the market.

Galaxy S and Galaxy Note intersection

For the past couple of years, Samsung has always been rumored that it will deal the final blow to the Galaxy Note series. This time, it may finally be right. Unlike in previous years, Samsung has been unusually quiet about the release of the next Galaxy Note phone.

Also, last January, Samsung announced that the Galaxy S21 would finally have S Pen support. Tech experts immediately took that bit of news as the company’s farewell to the Note series. As a result, a true transition might be underway.

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 FE may be the last

The Korean company seems to be preparing for a fitting adieu to the series. Of course, with such a beloved series, Samsung will most definitely not just quietly put it to rest. After all, Galaxy Note fans around the world followed and defended the phone with such gusto after so many years.

Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy Note series will allegedly give its fans a final curtain call. It might be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Fan Edition. Its features will most certainly be similar to the specs of the Galaxy S21. However, the key differentiator will be the dedicated S Pen slot.

Triple-camera flagship at a budget price

Samsung’s Fan Edition phones have always been watered-down versions of their ultra-flagship counterparts. If this holds true, the Galaxy Note 21 FE will have a triple-camera setup with lower megapixel counts, similar to the standard Galaxy S21 phone. It will also probably have a price tag that is close to the cheapest model of the S21 series.

Considering that it might be the last phone in the series, it might just fly off the shelves and sell like pancakes around the world.

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