Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Buds+ comes in BTS edition

Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Buds+ comes in BTS edition

Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Buds+ will soon come in BTS inspired edition. The launch comes along the ARMY anniversary celebration.

Samsung is releasing a BTS inspired edition of Samsung Galaxy S20+. The launch will come along the release of the popular K-Pop inspired edition Galaxy Buds+.

The Korean tech giant will launch its featured devices on July 19. Samsung intended the release to come as the ARMY celebrates its seventh anniversary.

What to expect with Samsung Galaxy S20+

The upcoming BTS inspired Samsung smartphone release will come in purple color according to reports. The said color signifies the BTS signature trademark. The Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS edition will feature a glass back material. The camera module will have a purple heart design.

The BTS inspiration does not end on the Samsung Galaxy S20+ body alone. The Korean tech giant made sure that the user interface will match the device’s exterior design. The upcoming smartphone release will come with BTS inspired themes. The themes will be pre-installed so that there is no need to search and download.

For users to be able to enjoy more K-pop bands and musicians, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ will also come with Weverse. The said app is a community platform for K-pop musicians. It comes pre-installed with the device as well.

Samsung also loaded the packaging of the upcoming smartphone with a bunch of treats. The box will come with stickers to decorate the phone as well as BTS band member photo cards.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Features

Aside from the Samsung Galaxy S20+, reports reveal that the Korean giant will also launch buds that will add to its look. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ will also launch with the BTS inspired design.

Like the smartphone, the Buds+ will showcase the purple BTS signature color. The buds, as well as its case, will come in a combination of black and purple colors.

Users will also find the purple heart on one side of the Buds+, as seen on the S20+ camera. The other side of the buds will bear the BTS logo. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ box will also come with treats as the S20+ does. It will also have BTS band members’ photo cards for fans to collect.

Availing the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Buds+

A report said that Samsung would open the S20+ and Buds+ for pre-order. Transactions can be done through the Samsung official site. The BTS-inspired Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ pre-order will open on June 19. However, the Korean tech giant did not release any information on both devices’ prices yet.

Image courtesy of Aaron Yoo/Flickr

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