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Samsung Galaxy S20 software defective, low sales due to COVID-19


Samsung Galaxy S20 users are in a tough spot after finding out some users are experiencing a green tint on their screens. This problem commonly pops up when the 120Hz refresh rate is set.

Samsung was able to successfully launch its Galaxy S20 lineup right before the health crisis around the world kicked in.

Despite the successful and extravagant launch day, Samsung Korea has reported that there was a 50 percent decline in sales on the lineup.

This part is largely due to the fact that consumers are afraid of being exposed to the virus should they decide to go to physical stores. Moreover, the phone is well equipped with super premium flagship capabilities, but it comes with chinks that are not acceptable at a AU$2200 price tag.

Green tint on screen at 120Hz

Many users have brought up several complaints on Samsung’s community web page. Samsung Galaxy S20 users are reporting that their phones have an unusual green tint on their screen.

The problem is apparent for the units powered by the Exynos chip set and when the screen refresh rate is set at 120Hz. Additionally, recent buyers added that the problem pops up when the phone overheats to over 40 degrees Celsius. It also manifests when the phone battery drops to less than five percent.

The Galaxy S20’s issue seems to be bigger than this, a phone reviewer has experienced the same problem with the phone despite not having the same set of circumstances mentioned above.

Initially, Samsung support recommended that the users restart their phones and delete the cache of apps where the problem manifests. Unfortunately, the proposed solution didn’t work.

Eventually, Samsung acknowledged that the problem is actually software based. They recommended that users keep their phones at a 60Hz screen refresh rate until such problem has been sorted out in future system updates.

For many of the recent buyers, this suggestion was not well received as the high screen refresh rate is one of the phone’s main selling point.

End of the $1,600 phone era

The future of over $1,500 phones seem to be coming to an end because of problems like these. That is especially true as people have been considering their finances greatly during this unprecedented time.

Only the essentials are being allocated the funds, and over-$1,000 phones are definitely not in the list.

The future seems apparent for most smartphone manufacturers. They have all released powerful mid range phones with price tags hovering between $500 to $600.

The price tags are just the clincher for these phones as they also come with flagship capabilities such as multi-camera arrays and 5G capabilities.

Image from Ram_Nunna/Samsung Community

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