Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users complain of spontaneous cracks

Several Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users are complaining about spontaneous cracks

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s newest problem is hardware based. The company has been working round the clock to fix firmware problems ever since the flagship phones hit the market.

Consumers have the right to be unforgiving at this point in time of the smartphone era. More companies are testing the limits on consumers’ willingness to shell out huge amounts of money for phones.

Ever since the iPhone X pushed the envelope on AU$ 1,500 phone, many companies have followed suit. The results of this experiment have been bittersweet, on one hand consumers get the best of the best. On the other hand, companies increase the price tag of these phones year on year.

Samsung is presently in the hot seat for the problems that their flagship phones are manifesting.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra ‘hulk mode’

The newest flagship phone of the Galaxy S20 has been disappointing to say the least. The specs sheet support its heft price tag of $2,000, but the phone seem to hit the market a bit raw when it comes to software.

Just last week, several users of the new phone experienced a ‘hulk mode‘ where the screen turns green. Also, the green tint comes up when the 120Hz screen refresh rate is turned on. The problem seem to be an unacceptable one considering the high speed refresh rate is one of the phone’s top selling point.

Camera housing spontaneously cracks

Several users have also reported that the hardware of the phone is also problematic. They have complained specifically about the fragility of the camera modules cracking.

The complaints were evident in the Samsung online community and through the website’s feedback page. The problems are not isolated cases.

Several users have complained that the camera housing of the phones spontaneously crack without any external pressure. These claims are not verified as of the moment, but the problem could be because of the large camera array at the back of the phone.

One user complained that his unit and his wife’s unit experienced the same problem in different situations. He added that he’s quite sure that his camera housing broke inside his pocket. Based on the general guidelines, cosmetics problems of phones are usually not covered by Samsung’s warranty clauses.

Customer support

Some Samsung Experts online have recommended that affected users may reach customer support to schedule appointments in Samsung stores for possible repairs. The solution proposed is a no-brainer, but getting to the physical stores is not possible because stores are closed during the lockdown.

As of writing this article, there are already 80 different complaints on the website.

Image courtesy of @Samsungmobile/ Twitter

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