Samsung Galaxy S21 could kill the Galaxy Note forever

Samsung Galaxy S21 could kill the Galaxy Note forever

The Samsung Galaxy S21 could allegedly feature an S Pen, which would essentially blur the differentiator between itself and the Note lineup.

Samsung went big this year. It has already launched five flagship phones in the market. It’s set to release two more before the year ends. All these smartphones cater to the same premium market, but the company remains bullish. They want to saturate the field and give their customers as many options as possible.

However, their strategy could change next year. A rumor points to the idea that Samsung may trim down its premium phone lineup by merging the Galaxy S line with the Galaxy Note line.

Samsung Galaxy S21 could be an all-in-one

The main differentiator between the Galaxy S line and the Note line is the S Pen. Both have their own markets. The former for the executives and regular premium phone users. The latter is positioned more for the creators and productivity seekers.

Time and again, rumors like this surface, but none have followed through. As such, next year may just be the same. Samsung will have a hard time just instantly discontinuing the Note series. It has its own market carved up, and it’s the leading stylus-driven phone worldwide.

Therefore, it would make little sense for the Korean company to just merge the line. Unless they have a unique selling proposition to combine the two, the rumors will most likely not come true.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 will be released sometime around March next year. Hopefully, by then, smartphone productions and supply chains around the world have gone back to normal. If not, the launch could be delayed again, similar to this year. The new set of phones will follow the S20. As such, it will have a Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra.

Galaxy Z Fold could replace the Note line

As rumors suggest the merger of the S and the Note phones, a replacement naturally has to take the void left by the Note. In its stead, the Galaxy Z Fold could take its place. The foldable phone is revolutionizing smartphones. They will have to announce the actual features of the Z Fold 2. However, the company promises that it will be a redemption of their failed first attempt on the foldable phone.

Therefore, it would make sense if Samsung decides to integrate the S Pen, one of the company’s most successful accessories, to it. In addition, having an S Pen on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 next year will further boost the productivity positioning it wants to project.


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