Samsung Galaxy S21 may support S Pen features

Samsung Galaxy S21 may support S Pen features

The Samsung Galaxy S21 may allegedly support the S Pen, which could mean that the Galaxy Note 21’s future hangs in the balance.

More than a decade ago, the challenge of mobile phone companies was to make the smallest and most functional phones. The same applied during the advent of touchscreen smartphones.

Samsung was quite brave to break this mold. Instead of providing a phone with a small form factor, it released the first-ever Galaxy Note. It had a big screen and a super functional S Pen. These two factors differentiated the Note line from Samsung’s S line.

However, recent rumors indicate that the Galaxy S Pen will also be supported by the upcoming Galaxy S21 smartphone. In other words, the S Pen has been relegated into an accessory rather than a crucial part of the Note lineup.

Samsung Galaxy S21 to support S Pen?

If this rumor is true, it means that the only differentiating factor left for the Note has just been rendered obsolete. After all, the majority of the premium phones that come out nowadays already have big screens.

Just to clarify, the Samsung Galaxy S21 will not ship with the S Pen included in the box. In all likelihood, the S Pen will just be another add-on for customers to choose from, similar to the Galaxy Watch or the Galaxy Buds.

Year after year, the future of the Galaxy Note lineup is always questioned. This is a result of the transformation of the smartphone industry and its consumers. The Galaxy Note has always been designed for multi-taskers.

However, in recent years it is being targeted more for imaginative creators. In other words, fewer and fewer people are attracted to it. As such, the next years could actually spell the death of the Note line up that many people used to love.

Galaxy Z to replace the Note line up?

Recent rumors indicate that Samsung could slim down its premium lineup to just two categories, the Galaxy Z line up, and the Galaxy S lineup. If Note fans put two and two together, these rumors could actually be true if the S Pen will actually be supported by the Galaxy Z and Galaxy S line up.

If the shift actually pushes through, the Note will actually be rendered obsolete. It will no longer have any selling point. The Galaxy S phones offer what it actually does in terms of form and design. The Galaxy Z phones, on the other hand, provide an even bigger screen than it.

As a result, the Note lineup will be awkwardly sandwiched between two more relevant phone lines. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen what Samsung will do with the Note. After all, rumors like this have been present ever since bigger screened smartphones became the in-thing.

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