Samsung Galaxy S21 might ditch charger and earphones too

Samsung Galaxy S21 might ditch charger and earphones too

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 will allegedly remove the wall charger and the earphones from the boxes next year.

A couple of years ago, Apple started the trend of removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone. Its competitors immediately poked fun at the company in supposed PR stunts. These same companies did the same when they made jokes about the forehead notch on the iPhone X.

Unfortunately, these marketing ploys all backfired. Not long after Apple ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack, Samsung and all other companies followed suit. It only goes to show that Apple thinks its strategies through which its competitors only realize after Apple does it.

However, Samsung, being Apple’s tightest competitor, doesn’t seem to learn from its mistakes. It made jokes again about Apple removing the wall chargers and the EarBuds from the boxes of the iPhone 12.

Samsung Galaxy S21 to ditch either the charger or earphones

The giant Korean tech company is no stranger to following Apple’s pied piperesque strategies. Strong rumors are circulating the internet now that Samsung will, again, follow in the footsteps of Apple.

The next flagship phone coming from Samsung will be the Galaxy S21. It will not have big shoes to fill in as the Galaxy S20 sales were relatively bad compared to previous generations’ performance.

The Galaxy S20’s poor performance could be good or bad news for the Galaxy S21. One thing for sure is that it could be part of big headlines. The Korean company will allegedly remove the wall chargers and the earphones from the box.

It remains to be seen how Samsung will package the entire messaging. Apple did it in the name of saving the environment. Samsung could, in principle, do the same. However, they will end up looking like copycats.

Will there be a price change?

When Apple removed the accessories from the box, it is only logical for it to decrease the price of the phones. Unfortunately, the contrary is true. Instead of making the phones cheaper, Apple even silently increased the price tags on the iPhone 12.

This is an area where Samsung could capitalize on. Yes, removing the accessories with the flagship phone is a bummer. However, it can be justified if it will be accompanied by a matching price decrease.

If the company does this, maybe they can justify removing the earphones and chargers from the box. After all, the majority of its customers may already have their own pair of earphones and chargers. If not, then the decreased amount will then not be too painful for their customers.


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