Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: A budget tablet in the works

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: A budget tablet in the works

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is arriving soon. New specs leaks are out and it seems like the new device is entering the budget market.

There are two variants of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 coming soon. Leaks are out with two sets of specs. This might mean that an Ultra version is arriving as well.

The new set of leaks came from Ishan Agarwal. It revealed several things from the upcoming tablet. However, this new leak has debunked several rumors released before.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is more affordable now

Previous Galaxy tablets were all flagship quality. Samsung reserved the entry-level market to its A-series tablets.

This time, Argawal revealed that the new Galaxy Tab S7 might not be a flagship device after all.

Specs show that the upcoming tablet has an 11-inch LCD display. It will have a 2560 x 1600 resolution. The screen size and resolution have been out for a while now.

But, it is surprising to see that Samsung opted for an LCD display. The Korean-company is ditching the Super AMOLED display in favor of an LCD screen. If ever this is true, then it is a huge downgrade from the previous model.

Despite the inferior display, it is still rumored to have a 120Hz refresh rate. This information is not yet confirmed. However, it confirms the availability of a higher-end model.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 arriving soon

Still a fully-loaded tablet with a few quirks

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. It is currently the best processor from Qualcomm and is found on high-end devices. The memory configuration is undisclosed, but it is highly likely that a 6GB memory model will be out.

Besides the memory, leaks reveal that it might arrive with 128GB of storage. There is no confirmation if a MicroSD slot is available or a 256GB variant is coming.

There will be a single back camera and a single front-facing camera for this tablet. The previous model had a dual-camera setup.

If Samsung went this route, then maybe it is indeed cutting costs to make way for the more expensive model.

However, no one is really getting a tablet for its cameras. It is nice to have a clear camera on a tablet, but it is not a necessity. Besides, most smartphones take better photos than a tablet.

The last detail that Agarwal revealed is the availability of physical buttons. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 ditched the front-facing buttons for a better interface. It has an in-display fingerprint sensor as well.

Basically, every feature screams the flagship level on the previous device. However, going for an LCD display and bringing back the physical buttons is a step back to previous generations.

Is it more affordable now?

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has all the signs of an upper mid-range tablet. All the features that were removed might probably be seen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Ultra, which is more expensive as expected.

These leaks confirm two things. The first one is the existence of a top-of-the-line Tab S7 model. Second is Samsung skimping on features to provide a more affordable device.

The price is not yet disclosed. But the regular Tab S7 might be priced higher than the latest Galaxy Tab A. It might serve as the bridge between the two series of tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is launching on the Galaxy Unpacked event this August 5. It is then that all the details will be clarified.

Images used courtesy of Brooke Cagle, Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

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