Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 almost sure to support S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 almost sure to support S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold developers are reportedly looking into fully integrating S Pen support on the Z Fold 2 successor.

This year has been quite significant for Samsung. Except during the height of the global pandemic, Samsung has been busy releasing one phone after the other. If there are no more surprises left from the Korean company, they will end the year with the Galaxy S20 FE.

The cheap flagship phone shares the spotlight with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 as the company’s most promising smartphones released this year. However, Samsung is looking even further to upgrade its foldable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will most likely support the S Pen

TheElec based on the report by UBI Research, claims that the Korean company will introduce two key upgrades on the Z Fold 3. First, the Active Electrostatic Solution (AES) digitizer technology. Second, a thicker Ultra-thin Glass (UTG). Both of these will be key for the developers to support the S Pen on the Z Fold 3.

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 uses Electro-Magnetic Resonance for the S Pen to fully function on the screen. However, this technology is too rigid to be adapted to a foldable phone. As such, just simply slapping on the Z Fold 2 successor is impossible.

In lieu of the EMR, Samsung will reportedly use the AES. Overall, it provides better performance compared to the one used by Note 20. Unfortunately, it also comes with a heftier price tag, which could mean that the Z Fold 3 could be even more expensive.

In the same report by UBI Research, it said that Samsung is also working on making the UTG thicker. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the purpose is for the glass to fully withstand the pressure of the S Pen. Without it, the current UTG will easily be damaged. The current 30-micrometer thickness will reportedly be doubled for the S Pen support.

Three displays for the new foldable?

In a separate report, Samsung will reportedly integrate more screen on the current Z Fold 2 setup. Aside from the screen, when it is folded and the widescreen when unfolded, Samsung will add one more screen on the hinge. It will not display rich-media. However, it will serve the same purpose as the edge feature on the former Galaxy Edge phones.

In other words, it will mainly be used to emit visual notifications for users. Also, it can be fully customizable with specific colors for each app or person messaging. This technology was found based on a patent. As such, it may or not make it to the final product. If it does, then it would mean that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be even more functional than what it is already now.


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