Samsung hints 65W chargers for next series of smartphones

According to a certification that Samsung applied for in South Korea, the brand could now be working on inputting 65W charging support for its upcoming devices.

Samsung has been one of the most innovative brands when it comes to Android. But unlike its Chinese counterparts, the brand still sticks to 25W chargers in the box and supports only up to 45W charging.

Other competitive brands like Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi already shifted to phones supporting 65W charging from the box. Xiaomi launched smartphones with a 125W fast-charging feature and a charger that hails the same power.

OnePlus, a brand that is commonly known for “playing safe,” has confirmed that the OnePlus 8T would come with a 65W fast charging feature, or it would at least support the same.

The fast charger by Samsung

According to a report by Giz China, Samsung is working on creating a travel adapter, with code EP-TA865.

The “65” towards the end suggests that the charger supports higher charging speeds.

The tech community believes that the digits at the end of the charger’s code signify the charging speed of the device.

The matter was confirmed through a recent certification in South Korea’s Solum firm, which supplies the chargers for the brand.

Not necessarily for the flagship devices

Ever since the Galaxy Note 7 incident, Samsung has been overly cautious with its phones’ battery.

Even with the handful of competitions in the market, Samsung has neither increased the charging speed of the charger within the box more than 25W nor has made its battery to an insane level.

However, the brand introduced a 7,000 mAh battery device in India earlier this month, a mid-range phone pointing towards a different direction.

There are high chances that even with the fast-charging speeds, the brand would initially give the support for mid-range devices first, and then add the feature in the next-generation flagship devices, be it the Samsung Galaxy S21 or the Samsung Galaxy S30.

But at the same time, since phones that come with 45W charging support ships with a 25W charger, a report from Galaxy Club has said that the brand is making the wise move to prevent getting left behind in the technology trend.

Therefore, Samsung intentionally does not ship with chargers that have such high potentials, to prevent the user and the phone from the long-term effects of charging at higher speeds.

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Image courtesy of SUNG YOON JO/Shutterstock

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