Samsung Internet update feature prevents hijacking

Samsung launches with interesting features such as preventing hijackers from breaking into a device.

Samsung Internet now rolls out its Version loaded with unique privacy features. Samsung’s own internet browser comes with improved customizations as well.

Samsung Internet update security feature

One notable feature that the latest Samsung update brings is its new section for privacy and security. The update prevents the mess that websites create on a user’s back button.

In an updated Samsung phone, a new option can be seen under the device’s setting. Heading towards the security section, one will see the “Block unwanted pages option.”

The option title may be confusing to some, but it helps that a description follows under it. It says that it prevents websites from directing users to another website upon pressing the back button.

More details

It helps users avoid the hijacking experiences that attackers launch. It means that activating the newest Samsung feature makes the back button function as it is supposed to.

Some websites take advantage of a user’s online behavior. A user mistakenly landing on a page clicks the back button only to find out that the page only reloads. In worse cases, the user is headed to a page loaded with advertisements. To the user’s surprise, the said pages are not even in his previously visited sites.

The latest Samsung Internet update added the also features Unblock ads temporarily. As users wish to block those annoying and repetitive ads, there are pages that an adblocker prevents from opening as well.

The Unblock ads temporarily feature, turns off the adblocker for that specific time of page visit. This is only so that the user can make full use of the site visited.

Enhanced feature on the Samsung Internet update

Samsung Internet’s update also brings in more variations on customization. It offers innovations that another internet mobile browser rarely allows.

A user can explore in arranging and rearranging features on the hamburger menu. He may also choose to remove rarely used features and replace them with the ones often needed. Such an option can be done on the navigation bar as well.

The navigation bar also opens interesting customizations. A user can save as many as seven shortcuts on the bottom of the screen.

Browsing using a tablet can be more like a desktop experience with the update as there is an option to view the desktop versions of the site. More keyboard shortcuts are offered as well.

The Samsung Internet update is currently available on the Beta channel. The announcement on the public release remains undisclosed.

Image courtesy of MOHI SYED/Pexels

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