Samsung internet browser updated with One UI 3.0 design

Samsung has always been upfront with all its fantastic and versatile technology. Samsung Internet Browser 13 is rolling out for all the tech fanatics nowadays.

The latest update of One UI 3.0 design elements in Samsung Internet Browser is in talks nowadays because of its resilient features.

The company has always given the latest technology to the market, making it feasible for its comfortability. The updates Chromium engine adds to it and makes the whole update more compatible and workable.

Samsung Internet Browser is the most viable and best Android browser available for the users. People with Samsung Galaxy devices will be more familiar with the working process of Samsung Internet Browser.

The company has shown a surge in adding more features to the browser in recent days. With the combination of a Chromium engine with additional extension support, this browser is more reliable for the users to work on.

The company has added a customizable user interface, which makes the operation easier. The latest update which the browser received was in June, and now a new update is in talks with some notable design change and enhanced core engine up-gradation.

Concerning the upgrade in the core aspect, the enhanced features of the Chromium engine will have a new update from v79 to v83. With this feature, they will use all the APIs and security features compatible with Chrome 80, 81, 82, and 83.

The new update will also support Web Share API Level 2 that will allow the user to send files to in-build Android apps.

The latest update will also include webRequest API, which is used by ad-blockers or content blockers.

The designing element of the browser

New design elements have also been introduced in the latest update, visible in Samsung Internet Browser 13.

In the new update of Samsung Internet Browser, once the user will add a bookmark, a fresh and new Edit button will be visible on the confirmation page.

These design elements are super exciting and reliant that it will make the whole work easy and straightforward.

The corners of tabs will be more rounded in tablets, giving it a modern and naive appeal. The users can tweak into the latest setting options, which will enhance the productivity of the browser.

The permission request window will have a whole new modification and customization, giving an entire page of warning if ever you visit any malicious website.

Some more design elements like a double tap for play/pause online videos, a smart Anti-Tracking system, and many more.

Image courtesy of bangoland/Shutterstock

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