Samsung is working on affordable foldable phone

Foldable phones simply won’t go away due to its classy and chic design and it comes with a hefty price. But technological breakthroughs are on their way to selling it at a lower price tag and Samsung is not wasting any time on this one.

Foldable phones symbolize a posh and chic lifestyle due to their functionality and aesthetics. With dual screens and an easy-to-pocket design, foldable phones also match the lifestyle of those people who are minimalist and prefer to live low key. But the simplicity of this Samsung phone comes at a price and the tech giants recognize this kind of demand for simple and functional features.

Over the years, smartphone makers have acknowledged the hardships of creating a dual-screen device that is also foldable at the same time. With extensive research and outsourcing components in making this device, it requires tenacity.

But that seems to be an old issue as technological advancements are on their feet faster than before to develop these foldable devices more cheaply. According to on its website, Samsung is one of the tech companies that are now working on this segment.

Samsung’s Cheap Foldable Phone

Samsung is working on an affordable foldable phone

SM-F415, the model number that Samsung is currently working on for its foldable device, according to Phone Arena. Aside from this model number, little information has been known about this foldable phone.

The SM-F415 comes with 64 GB and 128 GB of storage memory. It comes in three colors: blue, green and black.

Though we are not quite sure if this information we obtained is relatively correct, we encourage you to take it as speculation. But who knows, maybe two or three bits of information is true.

Estimated Cost versus Current Available Foldable Phones

Since it is rumored to be cheaper than the currently available foldable phones on the market, we can expect this SM-F415 to be much cheaper. Samsung may be working on compromising its price on its existing line-up of foldable phones.

The one that is currently available in the market is the OG Fold that costs $1,980.00. The second pricey bendable phone from Samsung that is pricey is the Galaxy Z Flip, which is valued at $1,380, cheaper by $600.00 from the price of OG Fold.

There were also reports that suggest Samsung will release a cheaper version of Galaxy Z Flip in 2021 that is rumored to be priced at $900. But this price tag seems to be out-of-reach for most consumers.

In terms of competition, Motorola Razr is a relatively priced phone for a bendable feature with a price tag of $1,499 offering a mid-tier spec. It sits in between Samsung’s available bendable phones.

But one thing we can safely assume is that Samsung will have its ears to the foldable phones in the future and we can say that working on a cheaper bendable device comes with mid-tier specs.

Images used courtesy of CNET/YouTube Screenshot and Framesira/Shutterstock

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