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Samsung launched a closed beta program OneUI 3.0


Samsung has rolled out its first beta update for its custom Android skin, more popularly known as the OneUI. The OneUI 3.0 is still inaccessible to many, but the brand shared a glimpse of the software update.

The prominence of Android 11 made a buzz in the technology world and in Samsung about a month ago, and since then, it has been made available for Google’s Pixel devices. However, companies that own a custom skin could take a little more time to launch their Android 11 updates.

Companies like OnePlus and Oppo have already launched their Android 11 versions of OxygenOS and ColorOS, respectively.

An article by 9to5Google explained how to experience the beta update of the OneUI 3.0 first-handedly. However, the outlet expresses its stand in not downloading the beta update because it contains bugs.

Android 11: What’s new?

When Android 11 arrived, it focuses mostly on creating a minimalistic look and optimizing the privacy features of Android devices. Privacy and Security have become important things to consider for android users recently.

Also, Apple doesn’t seem to shy away from pointing out its privacy features, so Android developers had to focus on the said feature more than any off late.
Apart from the improved security features, users should be able to spot other significant design changes.

Android 11 brought a unified system of optimizing messaging applications, creating chat heads for every chat, as already seen on Facebook’s Messenger.

One of the most requested features also comprises in the Android 11 update, which is a native screen recording. Even though the beta screen recording had many bugs, it was a feature welcomed by all.

Samsung OneUI 3.0: What’s unique?

Much like an Android 11 update counterpart, Samsung’s OneUI 3.0 also brings chat heads for most messaging applications.

Taking forward the minimalistic approach, Samsung made several changes in the Lock and Home Screen. The UI is now more focussed at transparency, rather than making Menus and Folders completely opaque, according to a report by Android Authority.

Also, much like any other major update, the Notification Panel gets a massive revamp. Users will now automatically see the notifications in terms of priority, where messaging applications come first, followed by other applications.

One of the stunning facts of the said update is removing the Quick Toggle feature for dark mode. Users have always loved the Quick Toggle from the dark theme for night usage to the usual theme. For the time being, it is still unclear why Samsung removed such useful features.

Samsung also did a proper tuning for its Home applications, which is a subtle touch the technology community seems to love.

However, the updates made are according to its first installment, and hence, should be taken as a pinch of salt.

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