Samsung merges Apple Music with smart TVs

People showed excitement when Itunes arrived in Smart TVs. Samsung started putting their entertainment to a whole new level last year.

Samsung announced its partnership with Apple Music. One hundred million countries will enjoy the innovative combination.

Apple Music in Samsung TVs

Apple Music subscribers can enjoy playing and streaming their music. They can now use these features in their Samsung Smart TVs. They can also make a customized list of their preferred artists. The application allows these features without the need to open it to an Apple device.

Subscribers can also use the new “At Home with Apple Music” feature. “At Home with Apple Music” contains Facetime chats with artists and exclusive interviews. It also contains editorial playlists exclusive to users. These features let people meet comfort amidst the ongoing pandemic. It also allows people to meet entertainment and creativity.

The arrival of Apple Music in Samsung Smart TVs became a trend for the public. Its new feature, At Home with Apple Music, also came timely with the current situation of the world. But, podcasts will not be available in Samsung TVs. It is an individual Apple app too.

Users can also download music from the Samsung Smart TV App Store. They can use their existing Apple ID account when downloading music. They can also watch exclusive shows and content with their Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung TV users can also try Apple Music for free. They can use it for three months, whether as an individual, student, or family.

People’s In-Demand Content Needs

The increase in content demand today is visible because of the ongoing situation. Millions of people stay home to protect themselves. It is one of the reasons why they diverted their focus to entertainment. 

People use televisions more often because of stay-at-home circumstances. They look for more and new content to supply their entertainment needs. It is why the coming of Apple Music in Samsung Smart TVs is essential. It helped people surpass their everyday life by providing their entertainment needs.

No one can avoid boredom. That is why the partnership between the two companies became much to people’s needs nowadays. It allows people to learn more and browse new content without borders.

Samsung and Apple Partnership

The partnership between Samsung and Apple surprised many people. Samsung is the first television manufacturer that offered Apple Music. The collaboration brought positive results to the public. It took place due to the increase in demand for content.

Both companies committed to giving people entertainment and good content selection. People find this partnership useful most, especially during COVID-19. Samsung and Apple’s mission is to supply the ultimate entertainment experience to users. 


Images courtesy of Creative Commons Zero – CC0/PikRepo,  Glenn Carsten Peters/Unsplash

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