Samsung Pay is set to bring new upgrades to UK customers

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay users in the United Kingdom are set to receive service upgrades as the platform announces partnership with payment service Curve.

The partnership will create the new Samsung Pay Card powered by Curve. The new service is exclusively available to customers in the U.K. This means that Samsung Pay Card owners can now enjoy the benefits brought about by Curve.

One of the many benefits is access to more banks. Customers can also easily monitor their spending even if they are using multiple cards.

New upgrades from Curve

As of this writing, Curve customers can request for a Mastercard which they can use as their main payment card. This single card can be utilized for multiple and different credit card and bank accounts. This allows for a seamless transaction since only a single physical card can be used for multiple accounts.

The Curve Mastercard also has several features that allow users to track their previous transactions. One feature allows users to check a previous transaction and change the bank or credit card it was billed to. This allows users to easily manage their accounts without the need to return the store for a recharge.

In a statement, Samsung U.K. and Ireland corporate vice president Conor Pierce said:

“The Samsung Pay Card powered by Curve will allow us to expand our Samsung Pay offering, giving our loyal customers even greater benefits and rewards than ever before.”

The new card will allow customers to easily track their spending in a single view. This removes the hassle of checking different services for a different card. The new service essentially consolidates all financial transactions in a single system.

Still a long way to go

One of the many problems faced by Samsung Pay in the U.K. is the lack of supported banks. There are only a handful of banks in the country that supports the service. With its Curve partnership, Samsung is extending its financial arm in order to attract users.

It is important to note that some of the biggest financial institutions in the U.K. still does not support the service. Even with the Curve partnership, Samsung is still unable to convince big banks like Barclays, Lloyds and Halifax. Many believe that if Samsung wants to dominate the U.K., the company must attract these major banks.

Samsung Pay still has a long way to go towards dominance. Nevertheless, the recent partnership with Curve is a step in the right direction.

Image courtesy of Maurizio Pesce/Wikimedia Commons

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