Samsung releases a smartphone with a motorized pop-up selfie camera

Samsung might release a smartphone with a motorized pop-up selfie camera

A leak of an unidentified Samsung phone with a pop-up selfie camera has surfaced online. Samsung will be two years late in implementing this “innovation” if they eventually release this phone.

2020 is the 5G year. Almost all phones that will be released for the remaining months of the year will already be 5G capable.

Smartphone companies are feeling the devastating effects of the Coronavirus in their bottomlines. Despite this reality, these companies have to push through the year with the hope that the situation around the world returns back to normal.

While the companies are looking towards innovating with 5G, Samsung is planning on bringing back a debatable feature of most 2018 flagship smartphones.

A surprise pop-up selfie camera on Samsung

A rendering of an unknown Samsung smartphone has surfaced online. In the pictures and videos, the Samsung-labelled phone is sporting a full-screen display without a notch or a hole punch for the selfie camera.

Samsung might release a smartphone with a motorized pop-up selfie camera

Instead, the camera pops up from the upper left corner of the phone’s bezels. Several reviewers are finding the implementation quite odd to be rolled out in 2020. The last flagship phone that used that type of popup camera was the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Even that implementation didn’t sit quite well for some tech reviewers. While the under-display camera is still in works, the default implementation for selfie cameras are forehead notches or the hole punch setup.

Additional Samsung mid-range phone

Nothing can be confirmed whether or not the phone will actually be released. Nevertheless, the phone will surely be a mid-range phone based on its hardware. There will be no in-display fingerprint scanner.

Instead, the leak suggests that the fingerprint scanner shall be a physical one located at the center-back part of the phone. Additionally, the form factor of the phone suggests that it will have a similar body form as the Galaxy A line up.

The key feature for the Samsung Galaxy A line up is its flat screen phones. Samsung only applies the curved glass screens on their Samsung Galaxy S phones for a more premium finish.

Mid-range phones are Samsung’s prized possession

The Korean company likes to fight its battle in all fronts. They have a phone for every price point available in the market. Among these lineups, it is their mid-range phones that carry their ship forward for global smartphone sales dominance.

Samsung has their first place cemented for the foreseeable future because of the Google-Huawei fallout.

Images are courtesy of Pigtou

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