Samsung releases new 870 QVO SSD lineup for consumers


Samsung recently released the new 870 QVO SSD lineup. This is the first lineup to include an 8TB SSD for the consumer market.

The Samsung 870 QVO belongs to a new generation of SSD lineup from the South Korean tech giant. The 870 QVO has several variants, with the top model having 8TB of SSD storage. This is the first time the company has released an SSD at this capacity.

The SSDs will be available for purchase starting June 30. Despite being marketed for the consumer market, the SSDs are considered to be premium grade and high-end. There is one catch though; the 8TB variant is still not available to the public.

High-end SSD hardware

At the bottom of the list is the 870QVO 1TB variant that costs $129.99. A level higher is the 2TB variant that costs $249.99. Next in line is the 4TB variant that costs $499.99.

While the three lower variants are powerful enough for most workloads, many are still looking for the 8TB model. While the 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB are now available to the public, the 8TB model will not roll out until August. The price for the 8TB model is still not public, although rumors have it that it should be around $900.

The new SSDs are using the SATA interface, which means they have some limitations. The peak sequential read speed for these drives are rated at around 560MB/s. On the other hand, the sequential write speed is rated at 530MB/s.

Despite these limitations, Samsung claims that the new 860 QVO brings about 13% in random read speed. The SSDs are also using quad-level cell flash memory technology. This means that the read and write performances are extremely fast.

A standout in the competition

The new Samsung QVO SSD series brings performance and capacity to the consumer market. Despite this, the tech giant is not exactly the first to arrive in the market. There are already several companies that have released SSDs with the same capacity.

However, Samsung is relying on its top read/write speed as its main selling point for the 870 QVO series. The company claims that the SSDs should be good to transfer more than 2,800TB of data before defects manifest. For typical consumers, that should be more than enough.

Despite the competition, many in the tech community believe that Samsung will be on top. Aside from massive storage capacity, the read/write performance is also excellent.

The Samsung 870 QVO SSD series is top-of-the-line hardware. Despite being a consumer market-grade hardware, it brings enterprise-grade performance into the mainstream.

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