Samsung teams up with AMD and ARM to beat Qualcomm?

Several reports are claiming that South Korean tech giant Samsung is teaming up with AMD and ARM in a bid to beat Qualcomm.

Last year, Samsung confirmed that it is working on its in-house chipset. If successful, this means that the company will no longer rely on third-party suppliers like Qualcomm. A recent report claims that the South Korean tech giant is in the final phase of its development.

The chipset is called Exynos. Currently, Qualcomm has the majority of the smartphone chipset market with its Snapdragon series. With a lack of competition, the chipmaker can dictate the terms that it wants, and it usually does.

All for a bigger goal

The South Korean tech giant is planning to be the world’s largest Android application processor, per Business Korea. The company is slowly marching towards this goal by partnering with AMD and ARM.

Both AMD and ARM are huge chipset manufacturers as well. However, AMD is known for its desktop processors and has little or no experience with mobile hardware. On the other hand, ARM has a wide experience with mobile hardware.

One reason why the South Korean tech giant wants to develop its chipset is because of trade sanctions. The company’s hardware partner, HiSilicon, has been the target of a trade sanction by the United States.

Considering the current lineup, the Samsung Exynos chipset is still not on par with the latest ones from Qualcomm. However, rumors are claiming that the next-generation Exynos chipset is very powerful.

New Exynos chipset

To achieve this performance feat, Samsung worked closely with ARM to develop the new Cortex-X core. ARM claims that the new core brings a 30% performance improvement compared to its current chipset.

Another strength of Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets is graphics performance. For this particular feature, Samsung taps the wide-experience of AMD to work on the graphics side of Exynos. AMD is well-regarded for its work on the desktop graphics card market with its flagship Radeon GPUs.

In terms of connectivity, 5G has been the craze of the tech world. Almost all major tech companies are working towards adopting this revolutionary new technology. Although Qualcomm does have the advantage here, rumors claim that Samsung is slowly inching the gap.

Recent reports claim that Samsung is working on a technology for its 5G modems. It appears that this hardware is vastly superior to that of Qualcomm. However, with no physical evidence yet, this will remain just a rumor.

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