Samsung to overtake Xiaomi in the key Indian market in coming months

Samsung to overtake Xiaomi in the key Indian market in the coming months

Samsung’s promising output in the crucial Indian market is taken from a new survey undertaken by a tech site. Meanwhile, brands like Realme was also noted for its impressive growth, relative to customer preference and overall performance.

More Indian customers are about to give some love to Samsung. And while this is undoubtedly good news to the Korean tech giant, the same couldn’t be said to Xiaomi, the Indian market’s consistent leader.

Battle at the top

According to a new survey conducted by 91Mobiles, Samsung is projected to see more growth in the following months, a surge in performance that could be bad news for Xiaomi.

The survey revealed that the Galaxy phone-maker should overtake Xiaomi as the smartphone brand customers are likely to choose in their next handset upgrade in one to two years.

The survey, which also comes in graphs, showed Samsung generating an increase from 17 percent in 2019 to 24 percent this year. Xiaomi, on the other hand, reflected a decrease from 24 percent in 2019 to 20 percent in 2020. As it stands, there is a forming trend of switching among Indian customers.

Brand loyalty and overall customer preference

The criterion of brand loyalty was also a highlight in the survey. This section also revealed that Xiaomi experienced a descent from 56 percent in 2019 to 51 percent in 2020. Samsung also reflected a similar growth, from 53 percent in 2019 to 59 percent in 2020.

The overall preference of customers in the Indian market was also taken into consideration in the survey. As expected, Samsung saw another rise of 6.6 percent from 2019 over 2020, while Xiaomi declined by 4.4 percent during the same period.

Realme is in

Alongside Samsung, Realme also managed an impressive growth of 10.4 percent. This is largely due to the budding smartphone company’s lucrative pricing strategies and up-to-date features and specifications.

Stepping it up

Xiaomi’s decline in the Indian market relative to the above-mentioned factors could be attributed to some key reasons. At the helm of these is the Chinese smartphone giant’s slow adoption of more modern features in its entries. These include the punch-hole displays and faster-charging technologies, especially its mid-range offerings.

While the figures seemed alarming for Xiaomi, one must keep in mind that India’s entire market wasn’t included. Also, the smartphone market in this region is notorious for being dynamic.

Nevertheless, Xiaomi needs to up its game and get back to its roots, which essentially jumpstart the bang-for-your-buck formula in the industry.

Images courtesy of Samsung/YouTube Screenshot

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