Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active for only $120 at best buy

If you do not own a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active yet, it’s high time to get yours at Best Buy for only $120 since their price drop.

Samsung released the Galaxy Watch Active over a year ago, the usual price was about $200. The Galaxy Watch Active was pitched as the lower-cost version of the Galaxy Watch.

Thanks to Best Buy as well as Amazon, it is even more affordable and would only cost you about $120 on sale.

The Galaxy Watch has all the bells and whistles you would want in a smartwatch. It has the key features same as the Galaxy Watch, with its super AMOLED display, support with health and fitness tracking apps, and Samsung Pay.

By using the Health app, the smartwatch delivers an unparalleled record of any and all your workouts. From walking, running, and highly intensive workouts.

The benefits of getting your own Galaxy Watch Active

The Galaxy Watch Active’s Health app even keeps track of your stress levels. It does this by monitoring your heart rate as well as calculating the norm from irregularities.

The reason for the cheaper price of the Galaxy Watch Active then its predecessor is a little compromise. The Galaxy Watch Active doesn’t have the rotating bezel. It has a smaller screen and also shorter battery life.

It is more than what it seems

There is, however, a silver lining. In which the Galaxy Watch Active has a more sporty feel to it. Also, its body is about 20 percent smaller and about 60 percent lighter than the premium Galaxy Watch.

Even though it has less battery life, it still should last you a good two to three days, depending on just how much activity tracking you configure it to do.

Regardless of the $200 price tag, it began with, the overall score from Engadget is an above average 83. And now with its sale in Amazon for only $120 it isn’t something you would want to miss out for yourself or for a gift for a friend. Given the quality of the smartwatch.

It may not be the latest version of the Galaxy Active series since the Galaxy Active 2 came out last year. It is still the powerhouse that Samsung is proud to have in their roster and a smartwatch not to be taken lightly when it comes to performance, design, and durability.

The Samsung Galaxy Active works for all android phones that can be connected via Bluetooth and at its time was praised for being innovative, stylish as well as a good counterpart to the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Images courtesy of The Verge/YouTube Screenshot

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