Sandara Park exchanged laughs with Red Velvet’s Yeri on their first encounter

2NE1’s Sandara Park takes an SM Entertainment tour with the youngest Red Velvet member in the latest episode of DUM DUM STUDIO’s YouTube show Yeri’s Room!

The youngest Red Velvet member gave an SM Entertainment tour to former 2NE1 member Sandara Park in the latest episode of DUM DUM STUDIO’s YouTube show Yeri’s Room.

The two made their way to SM restaurants’ PINK ROOM as both share laughs, explore the gift shop, and buy merchandise.

Getting to know each other

The two acknowledge that it was the first time that they officially met each other. Yeri prepared ten questions for the idol for them to get closer.

Yeri mentioned in the episode that Dara was known as the BoA of the Philippines before her debut.

The youngest Red Velvet member asks, “How did you feel when you met BoA after your debut?”

With the question striking Dara, she told a story of trembling when she first met BoA.

The superstar remembered going out to eat with BoA and revealed that she oozed with excitement during that time. She added that they shared mutual friends; that is why they were able to eat together.

Furthermore, Sandara Park reveals that BoA is the role model of every single female artist. “She’s everyone’s idol,” she exclaimed.

Dara toured on SM Entertainment

Moreover, Red Velvet’s Yeri gave Dara a tour of the SM Entertainment building. She first took Dara to where she buys gifts for her overseas friends, the building’s merchandise section.

Yeri also bought some Red Velvet merchandise for herself. Later on, with Red Velvet, Super Junior, EXO, and SuperM merchandise, Dara’s shopping bag was filled.

As they shop, Yeri asked Dara if YG had anything like a merchandise store. Dara answered, “well…like…there is but not in our company building. But it’s also not this large.”

Dara seemed quite impressed by SM Entertainment’s cafe when they made their way to the restaurant and album corner. She continuously said, “it’s so amazing,” and took pictures of the deserts.

Meanwhile, Dara then bought Red Velvet macaroons from the cafe in support of Yeri and her group.


Image courtesy of DARA TV/YouTube Screenshot

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