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Sandra Bullock tells friends the real reason why she divorce Jesse James: Rumor


Sandra Bullock has, reportedly, moved on from her ex-husband, Jesse James. And she’s now telling all her friends what really happened between them.

According to Star, Sandra Bullock was blinded by love and by her physical attraction to James. Little did she know that they weren’t meant for each other.

Years ago, Bullock just received a massive award from her role in The Blind Side when her staff told her that a woman claiming to be James’ mistress was going to make their relationship with the public.

Sandra Bullock heartbroken over Jesse James’ cheating

The actress was, allegedly, shocked by the news, but she took things in stride. Months later, Bullock announced her divorce from James.

“Sandra is telling pals, ‘I trusted Jesse and his lies broke my heart.’ She thought he was her soulmate. What made it worse was that he cheated with multiple women. She was so hurt and humiliated,” the source said.

Sandra Bullock blinded by love, physical attraction

The insider also claimed that Bullock thought that her marriage to James back then was so great. But looking back, she has realized that it was far from perfect.

“He wasn’t part of her world and she wasn’t part of his. He hated attending premiere award ceremonies, but Sandra didn’t realize just how much it bothered him. Plus, he was jealous of all the attention she was getting,” the source said.

The source added that the couple’s relationship seemed to be founded on their physical attraction for each other.

“Sandra and Jesse had such a strong physical attraction and she got carried away by it. She liked his bad-boy image and he also had a sweet side that came out when he was with her. She thought he would adapt, but in the end, he just couldn’t,” the source said.

The actress moves on

For his part, James has publicly apologized for cheating on Bullock with multiple women. But the actress’s friends didn’t buy his apology because he, allegedly, sounded arrogant.

Regardless of what happened, the most important thing is that Sandra Bullock has already moved on. She’s now in a happy relationship with photographer Bryan Randall.

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