Sarada, Sakura bond in the ‘Boruto’ series

Sakura and Sarada seem to have an intimate mother-daughter moment in the new Boruto episode series.

In a possible face-off of Sarada and Deepa in the future, her two legendary parents focus on making her discover her full potentials.

The story of Boruto is making its way through the original Kara Actuation arc in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The newest episode of the series impressed with a stunning fight between Sarada and her mother, Sakura.

In Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura’s call as parents to train their children, Boruto and Sarada, to prepare them for a potential rematch against Deepa.

Sasuke has been training Sarada for her to control Sharingan better. However, Sakura found her daughter pushing herself hard to prepare. She brought her daughter in an intimate task and training in the Boruto series’ new episode.

Sakura worrying about her daughter

Sakura involved herself in one of his children and Sasuke’s training sessions after worrying about her daughter. She told Sasuke to back off and decided to teach her. Sakura taught her Sarada chakra control and some tricks that somehow turned into an epic training.

The previous episodes revealed Sakura to come to terms with the fact that her daughter will be in constant danger like a shinobi. And now the two of them tried to air out all of their grievances through this physicality.

The proper chakra control

Sakura decided to took over in training Sarada through a fight as she noticed her lacking chakra control.

At first, the child did not have some trouble with her mother. However, as she uses her Sharingan to copy her mother’s movements, she eventually does pick up her mother’s chakra control.

The two were immersed in their training and caused waves of damages. Sarada successfully copied her mother’s style. Indeed an Uchiha family, right?

Image courtesy of Talking Shinobi/YouTube Screenshot

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