Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick heading for divorce due to Hugh Grant: Rumor

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick heading for divorce due to Hugh Grant: Rumor

Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant recently sparked dating rumors.

Last year, Now to Love published a dubious story about Sarah Jessica Parker, Grant, and Matthew Broderick.

Did Sarah Jessica Parker plan on divorcing her husband last year?

The tabloid claimed that Parker and Broderick were heading for a pricey divorce after the latter found out that his wife has been meeting up with Grant secretly.

“Matthew’s always hated Sarah Jessica’s friendship with Hugh, but he’s bitten his tongue and just got on with it. But this time he found out from someone else that Sarah had met up with Hugh in New York when he was out of town – and he flipped out. They had an epic fight, with Sarah threatening to pack her bags and leave. It was one of the worst rows of their relationship,” a source said.

Hugh Grant isn’t the main issue in the couple’s relationship

The insider also claimed that Parker and Broderick’s marriage has already been on the rocks even before Grant came into the picture. However, Broderick initially wanted to save his marriage for the sake of their kids.

“Even when they’re under one roof, it’s like they’re living separate lives. They bought these adjoining townhouses and half the time they stay in separate wings. This latest fight might just be the thing that ends it…” the source said.

Matthew Broderick hates it when Sarah Jessica Parker smokes 

Rumors debunked

This week, Gossip Cop revisited the fabricated story about Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband to stress the fact that the tabloid’s claims are untrue.

The rumor-debunking site also said that Parker and Broderick didn’t have a blow-out fight over Grant. And the couple’s relationship isn’t also on the rocks. In fact, they don’t also have any plans to get divorced.

An entire year has passed but the Sex and the City star and Broderick are still together. This proves that the tabloid’s claims were just based on hearsay.

Now to Love isn’t the only tabloid that’s been concocting false claims about Parker and Broderick.

Matthew Broderick hates it when Sarah Jessica Parker smokes

New Idea previously said that the couple hit a rough patch in their marriage simply because of a photo where Parker and Broderick aren’t smiling.

Shortly after, the same tabloid claimed Broderick and Parker’s marriage was at breaking point because of the latter’s smoking. However, this isn’t also true. Parker and Broderick have been together for over two decades. This means that Broderick is aware of Parker’s smoking habits – if she really is a heavy smoker.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Broderick seem happy in their marriage. And the tabloids just want to create issues where there are none.

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