Sasha Obama breaks Twitter after rapping in TikTok video

Sasha Obama breaks Twitter for rapping in TikTok video

Sasha Obama is trending on Twitter due to her TikTok video rapping the song City Girls.

Sasha Obama is in college and just like girls her age, she enjoys doing videos on TikTok with her friend. A video of the former presidential daughter made the rounds on Twitter where she lip-synched City Girls. Many loved it and Obama went viral on the micro-blogging site.

Sasha Obama viral on Twitter

Sasha Obama was viral on Twitter on Sunday after a video of her rapping City Girls on TikTok was shared on the micro-blogging site. Twitter users were so entertained with Obama’s videos that they couldn’t help but praise it.

Many approved of Obama’s lip-synch skills in the video. There were also clips of her dancing with her friend.

“I enjoyed this very much lol,” one tweeted.

“Sasha Obama is a city girl,” another commented.

“Sasha Obama just keeps getting finnerrrr,” a different user wrote.

“OUR lil girl is all grown up,” a different user added.

Many also said Sasha was awesome in the videos. Another netizen said Sasha had been doing TikTok videos with her friends for quite a while. She was surprised that there were not much viewers and it took long for the public to notice it.

Sasha’s videos deleted

Unfortunately, while the Twitter users were clamoring over Sasha Obama’s rapping skills, her TikTok videos were deleted. Apparently, Sasha and her friend didn’t want to attract too much attention. However, when the video was shared on Twitter, it went viral.

Many were wondering why Obama’s TikTok videos were deleted when they loved it. Others were sad because they wanted to see more of Sasha’s grooves and lip-synch skills.

Apparently, Sasha has no TikTok account. The videos were uploaded via her friend’s account and she deleted it when the public started to notice it.

Netizens speculate about the removal of videos

Some netizens believed that Sasha Obama and her friend decided to delete it because she’s the daughter of the former president. Many were sad at the thought of her being prohibited from doing what most girls her age do.

Meanwhile, others believed that it’s probably the best for Sasha because it’s not safe for her and her family if she’s visible on social media.

Some others believed that Sasha wanted the videos to be deleted because she didn’t want to face the same criticisms her sister, Malia, endured. Whenever Malia is photographed out and about, attending parties or doing regular stuff girls her age do, many criticize her.

Image used courtesy of E! News/YouTube Screenshot

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