‘Satoshi’s sister’ predicts ‘mind boggling’ BSV price after Tulip Trust sale

‘Satoshi’s sister’ Lisa N Edwards expects Bitcoin SV to skyrocket after brother Dr Craig S Wright sells off his BTC and goes all in on Bitcoin SV.

Lisa N Edwards is a crypto trader who has made a number of bang-on predictions in the past.

Micky detailed back in May how the trader – who runs the Satoshi’s Sisters paid trading signals group –  predicted a 145% increase in the Bitcoin SV price.

Eight days later the price doubled overnight from $114 to $233.

So her predictions are worth at least considering.

Now she’s tipping a 400% increase in the Bitcoin SV price.

Wright way to sell a million BTC

Her brother Dr Craig S Wright is, of course, the Australian computer scientist who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

It’s a controversial and not very well accepted claim to say the least.

Edwards tells Micky that while she avoids discussing trading with Wright, she takes a keen interest in what he’s up to.

“He has publicly said he will only hold BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) by halvening May 2020 though, and BTC had a lot of forks, so halvening will indeed be an interesting time,” she said.

Bitcoin SV is currently trading around $125 but Edwards is tipping it could rise more than 400% in the “short term”.

“I get asked this question a lot, right now $641 is very possible, that is a fairly short term prediction,” she said.

But that’s not the half of it

Edwards believes her brother is behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym AND she believes he has access to one million or so Bitcoin that he and Dave Kleiman mined that is locked up in the Tulip Trust.

According to Wright’s evidence in court, a bonded courier will turn up on New Years Day to return access of the Tulip Trust to him.

Edwards said that if Wright liquidates his Bitcoin holdings and puts a considerable amount into Bitcoin SV, there’s no telling how high the price could go.

“By May 2020, it opens a world of possibilities especially with the thought that Craig will only be in BSV,” she said.

“If we look at history, and BCH to BTC at ATH (all time high) – BCH was around one fifth of the price, taking into consideration the vast wealth and amount of BTC Craig owns and will have full access to after January 2020 and release of the Tulip Trust, it makes the mind boggle,” she said.

Tiptoe through the Tulip Trust

It’s worth pointing out that not even Judge Bruce E Reinhart, who made the order that Wright should give up 50% of the mined BTC to his former business partner’s family, necessarily believes the Tulip Trust even exists.

“The totality of the evidence in the record does not substantiate that the Tulip Trust exists,” said Judge Reinhart. “Wright’s testimony that this trust exists was intentionally false”.

Reinhart found Wright had lied, potentially falsified documents and had concocted parts of his story.

Nevertheless he ordered that 50% of whatever they mined together needs to be handed over.

This week Wright’s attorneys filed a 30 day extension as they attempt to settle out of court with Kleiman’s family, while at the same time challenging the legality of the order itself.

Wright said in late August that if he hands over half the BTC, then Kleiman’s family would need to dump around $2 billion of Bitcoin to pay estate tax of 40%, tanking the market.

“The courts ruled that Dave inherited the $5 billion,” he said. “Now he has to pay estate tax on that if he wants it.”

Craig Wright

Bitcoin SV data does not allow for detailed predictions yet

Edwards said she can only make broad long term predictions about BSV, due to a lack of data.

“We can access data for BTC on the Brave New Coin Liquid Index from late 2010, and from this and a technical analysis point of view we have so much data to work with,” she explained.

“BSV is different, while the technology and white paper are from its inception, the chart and data available to accurately chart a longer term prediction is difficult.

“Once this corrective pattern completes and we start to see wave lengths and patterns form, this will be the time I can more accurately predict a longer term price on BSV.”

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