Saturday Night Live suffers from low ratings since pandemic began, claims Pete Davidson

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live recently welcomed Pete Davidson to its cast members again during the Weekend Update segment.

Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson shared some alarming concerns about the show.

In the recent episode of SNL, Davidson took his chance to talk about the effects of the pandemic. The comedian took a jab at Chrissy Teigen and her cyberbullying issues. He also talked about the matters surrounding Bill Gates and his divorce from his soon-to-be ex-wife, Melinda.

What Pete Davidson shared to SNL Viewers

Davidson braved all odds and shared to Saturday Night Live viewers how the health issue caused him to panic. He added that he could not be nervous about how public restrooms would cause him to contract COVID-19. Instead, he feels more afraid that it could give him AIDs.

Meanwhile, Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost corrected him and said no one could ever get AIDs from restrooms. However, Davidson insisted on what he thinks.

“AIDs is a lot like ‘SNL,’ it’s still here, it’s just no one’s gotten excited about it since the ‘90s,” he explained.

The pandemic continuously crippled SNL’s ratings, as well. Though it remains on the top 5, the number of viewers plummeted despite stay-at-home protocols.

In January, the show successfully ranked first again on both broadcast and cable categories despite the pandemic. However, it plummeted once again when Elon Musk took over the hosting role.

Davidson’s other concerns

Davidson truly had his feelings bottled up as he also talked about Chrissy Teigen and Bill Gates.

According to the 27-year-old TV personality, he felt relieved after John Legend’s wife lost endorsement deals following cyberbullying claims. Furthermore, he also called out Bill Gates for his recent divorce and COVID-19 vaccine plans.

Per Davidson, the tech mogul’s potential in planting microchips to people causes everyone to refuse to get the jab.

“But trust me, if he was that much of an evil genius, Melinda would have signed a prenup,” he added.

His appearance came only a few days after his ex-fiancee Ariana Grande got married to Dalton Gomez. He reportedly commented on the recent tying of knots, saying that he is happy and wishes her for the best.

“He is happy that she is happy and he wishes her the best because he doesn’t have any ill will towards her and he wouldn’t expect her to have any for him if and when the shoe is on a different foot and he gets married down the line,” the source went on, per HollywoodLife.

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