Saudi man crashes car into gates of Mecca’s Grand Mosque

A Saudi man in a speeding car crashing into the outer gates of Mecca’s Grand Mosque late Friday night.

The car crash occurred at about 10:30 p.m on Friday. The man’s car punched through a wall and kept riding until it hit the outer gate on the Grand Mosque’s southern side, the Saudi Press Agency said.

Mecca City includes many Islamic traditional sites, the most important of course is the Grand Mosque or otherwise called al-Masjid al-Haram, Qibla for Muslims all over the world during Umra and Hajj, since it involves Prophet Ibrahim Kaaba.

The Saudi newspaper Okaz stated that no commoners were injured in the crash, while other videos posted on social media showed several people pushing the vehicle away from the mosque complex.

Car crash video goes viral

The man inside lost his control and drifting over the vehicle. The video went viral on social media and aired on televise to be similar to the story’s news auspices. It later comes with security forces driving the corrupted car away.

Moreover, it showed the car bursting through plastic barricades in the mosque’s outer courtyard before driving straight into one of the large outer doors.

The Grand Mosque combines the cube-shaped Kaaba that interested Muslims pray approaching five times a day. The Grand Mosque resumed congregational prayers earlier this month after a seven-month hiatus amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

But, it recently reopened to small groups of dedicated and committed people. While after the incident happens, footage aired on the state-run Quran TV satellite channel revealed people inside rounding the Kaaba before and after the crash.

Crashing car into the courtyard

Speaker of the Emirate of Makkah Sultan Al-Dossary says the security police in Makkah carry out an accident that collides a vehicle with one of the doors of the Masjid Al-Haram.

The country endured a dramatically downsized, typical hajj wayfaring in July due to firms that it could simply have grown a global superspreader competition for the virus.

On the final test, the driver who drove the car was immediately arrested by Saudi officials. The man inside is a Saudi national and was in an anomalous state. By his adverse action, he was referred to public prosecution by everyone.

Umrah has historically drawn millions of pilgrims from around the world. Still, because of COVID-19, Saudi authorities have said they would slowly phase in the number of pilgrims allowed into the two holy cities.

Image courtesy of Sufi/Shutterstock

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