SBMM changes coming to ‘Apex Legends’

Developer Respawn Entertainment is always striving to improve Apex Legends, but it is undoubtedly having trouble with the game’s matchmaking system. Though hard, the developer promises that changes are coming eventually.

Apex Legends adopted SBMM or skill-based matchmaking like many other battle royales. In this mechanic, players are matched up against those who are on the same level as them based on various statistics. While it only hopes to provide a level playing field for players, the mode system often results in unfair matchups instead.

SBMM changes are coming

In a twitter exchange, Respawn Entertainment’s m_ray addressed one player’s sentiments toward matchmaking. The player says that they are often matched with those who are far better than them and that SBMM has instead created two ranked modes – one which is fair and one which is unfair.

The Respawn Entertainment representative responded, saying, “The intention of a matchmaker is to give you *better* (fairer) match, and it turns out that’s not easy in a BR. So for what it’s worth, we’re trying to INCREASE justice – precisely the opposite of the message you sent me.”

While the developers have yet to drop the final word on when the matchmaking system will be revamped, we can at least safely assume that they are working on figuring out. They’ve admitted that SBMM is tricky in a battle royale like Apex Legends, so it might be a while before we see some actual changes being made.

SBMM removal on the top of wish lists

Players have long been frustrated with SBMM in the battle royale. The system is mostly affecting those who are just starting in the game. What makes it difficult is that the game accommodates 60-players in a single game. This means finding 60-players of the same skill rating is tough.

For instance, those who are new to the game will find themselves matched with those who have been playing for a long time already. It’s unlikely for them to find a match against those who up-to-par as them simply because the game is over a year old already.

Apex Legends is far from perfect, but at least the developers are always working hard to ensure that players enjoy their time in the game as much as possible. For now, players will have to make do with the current SBMM system as Respawn Entertainment works to balance out the kinks in it.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends

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