SBS previews BLACKPINK’s appearance in ‘Running Man’

SBS has revealed a preview of the guest appearance of BLACKPINK in Running Man, which is about to hit on TV screens anytime soon!

The BLACKPINK members seem to have enjoyed their return to the SBS program revealed in the preview stills. The cast members during the recording of the Running Man cheered as BLACKPINK made their entrance.

Moreover, the group’s Lovesick Girls performance did not disappoint the fans and the show.

The running man cast Jun So Min received a penalty this week and transformed into the fifth member of the group. He then joined BLACKPINK on the performance.

The mission-oriented Jennie

It’s been two years now since Jennie guested on Running Man. The promising idol made the viewers’ hearts melt with her cuteness.

She confidently chose a horror mission at the time. And she claimed that she’s not afraid of anything but ended up crying her eyes out.

In the superstars’ highly-anticipated appearance on the show, Jennie will become the “queen of bluffing.” She took every mission confidently.

Jennie starts with a motivated attitude in a tag game, but she falls on the floor, yelling, “Aigo!” after some running. “Aigo,” as defined by Soompi, is a Korean exclamation term used to express various emotions, including tiredness and frustration.

Grace under pressure

With the easygoing personality of Jisoo, she exudes excellent chemistry with the cast of Running Man. The idol, as she goes after victory, also shows her ambitious side.

Lisa gets called the “female Kim Jong Kook” after revealing her hidden strength.

Rosé, on the other hand, then becomes as great of a betrayer as Lee Kwang Soo.

In the new episode of Running Man, the BLACKPINK members will reveal their real thoughts about each other. Also, on sharing a room, they will share who is messiest, who is prettiest, and more.

Image courtesy of BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

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