‘Scarlet Nexus’ devs happy with their ‘greater freedom’


The devs of the Tales franchise are noting the “greater freedom” in Scarlet Nexus. According to them, the new game gives them a chance to experiment some more.

Scarlet Nexus is a new RPG from the makers of the Tales franchise. The long-running franchise started in 1995 and is still going today. The next entry, Tales of Arise, is coming next year from a delay due to the pandemic.

So far, the devs are happy with their newfound ability to explore new gameplay. Scarlet offers devs such freedom, which seems to make them happy at the moment.

Tales franchise too well-established

The Tales franchise is one of the longest-running video game franchises out there. The only other JRPG series that has stayed as long and consistent is Final Fantasy. The legacy of the title has cut back on the devs’ ability to explore new processes.

When a team has a franchise that has a 25-year history, there’s not a lot that devs can introduce. Every change has to make sense within the world, making it lore-friendly. Such elements hampered the devs for so long, cutting back on their creative endeavor.

Now, the same devs for the Tales franchise are taking on a new RPG called Scarlet Nexus. The new game has no established lore, which gives the Bandai Namco devs more leeway. So far, their creation consists of a distinct cyberpunk aesthetic.

The game released a brand new trailer in the recent iteration of Gamescom. So far, the title feels like Sen No Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel) in an Evangelion world. Alien monsters are ravaging the world, and the solution is a plucky group of teenagers.

Nexus offers more gameplay and story choices

So far, the devs of Nexus are enjoying developing for the title. Game Director Kenji Anabuki explained they had “greater freedom” to explore things.

“There definitely was a certain limitation to the policy,” said Anabuki in an interview. “Because Tales of was a series we had to contain to the sub-policy, for example, using, basically, only sword and magic. I think, in that sense, we have much more freedom in Scarlet Nexus as you can really have a variety of different powers. That gave us greater freedom that we were able to realise in the Scarlet Nexus.”

“Also, in the Tales of series, the sequence changes as soon as you enter a battle. I think something that I enjoyed in Scarlet Nexus is that you are much closer to the action and the battle gives you, in that sense, a different experience.”

Anabuki appreciates the experiences that the Tales franchise gave him. Now, they can apply what they learned from Tales to Scarlet Nexus. There is no release date for Nexus at the moment.

Images courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe/YouTube Screenshot

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